Prophetic Words from God through Julie Green

“We are on a receiving ride.  We will witness a mighty showdown with a victory for God’s people.”

The jackal will fall in front of the world; he will tell us the truth about the big lie.”

God is speaking “good news” to us.  Listen, obey and be vigilant.  Be doers of the Word.”  Proverbs 4:20 gives us markers to follow.

When this happens – “A blackout or time of great silence (in communications) stay in your homes for a healing in your bodies God will give out.  You will walk away with everything that Pharaoh has stolen from you.”  “This blackout is the enemies’ fall.”

“This is our greatest exodus now God’s way.  Everything will be unsettling for our freedoms.”

Shout out “But God!”   “No one can stop God!”

“God will fill our homes with His Glory more and more.”

“We must fight back with prayer.”

I rejoice at sharing this prophetic message with you.

Won’t you join me in prayer to see how God is saving all the nations in the world from this already defeated one world system.

Joshua Tree, California Image

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