“Nothing is so strong as gentleness; nothing so gentle as real strength.”

–Francis de Sales

I find this quote very interesting.  It reminds me of a motivational speaker I heard him ask:

Are you a strong person or a person of strength?

My first response was, “I’m a strong person,” as the speaker defined a strong person as “someone who knows how to keep their life in order, even with tears and regrets, saying “I’m okay.”

But as soon as he defined a person of strength as having patience and giving others benefit of the doubt, I realized that Francis de Sales quote is closer to my mind and heart.

I rather be a person of strength than a strong person to live as a Christian.  It takes gentleness and courage to accept Grace to develop good relationships, to love others as they are, and to forgive always.

Thank God I let go of my old strong self.

So, where do you see yourself as, strong person or person of strength?

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