“I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.”

–John 10:28

What a promise, if only we could remember it when we battle the woes of living in this world.

When I think about heaven, I go to the witness of Kat Kerr, Revelator of God’s Word.  She has written two books and completing the third one…that’s what I want for Christmas.

So far what I have learned from her is breathtaking.  The mansion God is preparing for each of us is beyond our wildest imagination.  We will co-exist with the Holy Trinity for all eternity.  In heaven there is only goodness, charity and love – no remembrance of pain, sorrow or suffering.  The flora swings, sings and dances with us.  Everything there is alive, even our pets will converse with us.  Everyone sings and dances before the throne of God.  We will eat sweets with Jesus.  We will travel through the eternal rainbow.  I hope you can believe all these things.  When our life on earth is completed and we arrive at eternity, that will be a magnificent day!  That will be the moment I meet and greet you with great Joy!

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