“All God wants of man is a peaceful heart.”

–Meister Eckhart

Like this adorable cat and mouse image, the question of today is how we go from turmoil to peace.  The truthful answer is that in every moment in life, we have the option to choose peace for ourselves.  Or according to the Desert Father Abba Macarius, we can go to the interior desert and there we will be at peace.  So, how can we contribute to “peace on earth?”

Might it be peacemaking to forgive others as God forgive us?

Might it be to recognize our enemies and do them some good?

Might it be sprinkling compassion all around to achieve an aura of peace?

It is indeed rewarding to seek peace each day.  These suggestions are simple enough, but they must genuinely come from the mind to the heart.  Satan’s playground is decreasing, he knows his end is eminent while God has already won the victory for our world.  So, there is already “Peace on Earth.”  We need only to keep it alive.

“Remember, you must offer peace to have it.”

–Wayne W. Dyer

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