“Look to your roots to discover a treasure.”

–yours truly

Just the other day I was making an inventory of my china cabinet as I was looking for some Christmas ornaments.  I was surprised to glean over this rose-colored crystal plate with a dome.  It held cheese and butter on it for special dinners, handed down to me from my grandmother’s trousseaux.  As I pulled up the dome and cleansed it with warm sudsy water, I noticed the Star of David was embossed on the plate.  I had not noticed this ever before.  I paused, then quickly wondered, was it a “thank you” gift from my grandmother’s friend who was being hidden in her home from the German soldiers?

I rejoice at re-discovering this plate with the Star of David.  It won’t sit idle anymore; I will use it generously to remember my grandmother’s courage to save her friend.

Maybe you, too, have a treasure that comes with a story from your roots.

A Bing Image similar to the dish