“We destroy only to make things more beautiful – Scorpios – for redemption, regeneration.

–Christopher E. Phillips

My son sent me this image and quote that inspires this post.  I had never envisioned a metal tree before.  It represents hope for Seattle to return to its epic beauty from the ashes of covid violence.

Any tree is magnificent, don’t you agree?  Whether small or giant, trees reach to the sky and help us think of higher aspirations compared to the destructive ways of men struggling for power and dominion.  This metal tree may feel cold to the touch, but it will remain forever even if the metal wears down.

I’m anxious to decorate a tree for Christmas with only a sign of “Peace on Earth” as it is in heaven and an angel on the tippy top.

What will your tree represent this year and how will you adorn it?

A Metal Tree, Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle Washington