A RE-BLOG POST Beautiful Dreamer………..

How did I miss this post of yours, dear Kamal, it brings me joy…Christmas joy, so Merci beaucoup!

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Beautiful dreamer, wake up and see

Come in tune without reservations

His love is waiting for thee

Sufferings of the rude world felt in the day

Lulled by His love-light will soon pass away

Beautiful dreamer, sleep off your fears

Let go the past and dry up your tears

Everlasting Now is a priceless pearl

He sends his Love for a reason

Not for just a day, but for all seasons

Beautiful dreamer, rise and shine

Thoughts of a new world are waiting for thee

Sounds from His Silence will ring in your heart

And dawn will herald the song of the lark

Beautiful dreamer, please join me in my song……..

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