You are what heroes do.


Someone’s cheerleader

You don’t see yourself as one

But you are a hero!

Being a champion, a coach, a comforter, even an angel – that makes you someone’s hero.  So, keep making a difference just by being you. A hero.

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“I will set you over much.  Enter into the joy of your master.”

–Matthew 25:21

I can always count on Rumi to inspire my writing!

You are worthy of happiness.

A miracle unfolds each day of your life.

Positive planning will make your dreams come true.


“This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.  Now, send prosperity and salvation.”

–Psalm 118:24

No Monday blues here!

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May I inspire you with a tip for each day of this week?

  1.  Blessings are coming your way.
  2. You are braver than you think.
  3. Your smile is contagious, keep smiling.
  4. Having fun is the best stress cure.
  5. Be happy is a decision you can make.
  6. Hope stimulates, hope heals, and
  7. Your prayer is effectively heard.

So, make this week incredible – You deserve good things!

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“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

–C.S. Lewis

A gift of Grace is being humbled.  I learned this when I was layed off from a rewarding work during the economic collapse of 2009.  I was not alone in finding employment, so I quickly ventured into retail sales without any prior experience.  It was the most unpleasant work of my entire career, from door greeter to cashier to membership accounts.  I learned to work different shifts and discovered how some people can be rude and obnoxious.  In being humbled through this work, the good Lord helped me to persevere in doing little things with love just for Him and eventually I was able to walk away from that chaotic environment.

Love works better when humility is exercised.  Humility draws down God to us and draws us up to God.

Lord, whatever work is before us, teach us how to live in love to be a light in the darkness for others.

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“Let us avoid a remote intimacy with God.”

–Augustine Myslinski, Abbot, Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Do you have a sacred space for promoting intimacy with God?

Over the years I have had several different places to develop a personal connection with God in prayer:  while commuting to and from work; dropping by in church, often sitting in nature; more recently while bedridden; and now by my writing desk near a large window where the sunshine pours mysterious rays of love on my face no matter the weather condition.

It is good to have a sacred space, to make it beautiful and inviting, to commune with God.

“Prefer nothing to the love of Christ.”

–Saint Benedict

Where is your go-to sacred space?

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