Open Sesame – The Door of Rebirth

Do you feel a ‘new dawning’ is about to happen?

Just look at this imposing blue-eyed lion

When restlessness brings on excitement

And night lingers in sleepless tossing

O, morning where are you

To wake up my beating heart?

Surely this morning

You bring on a new renaissance to my life!

Come On! O blue-eyed lion

Let’s go for the gusto!

Monday is around the corner…

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“These three — Fire, Wind, and Water, are considered by many people as basic elements of nature.  But I say to you that Fire, Wind, and Water are elements of My Nature, and you will see them Fully Expressed during this season of Dark to Light.  Fire, Wind, and Water come to Full expression through My Spirit, and this season of Warfare will Showcase His workings in the earth.  I, the Father, was showcased in the Power, Beauty, and Intricacy of Creation.  My Son was showcased as the Perfect Lamb who brought Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance and a Restoration of intimate relationship with Me.  The Holy Spirit Birthed the Church through Fire (tongues of fire), Wind (His mighty, rushing presence), and Water (baptism).  Now, as the Church matures, Holy Spirit will be showcased as the Kingdom Era grows, until It Fills The Earth (Daniel 2:44).  My Spirit will Manifest Fire, Wind, and Water throughout the earth.  It will be used to Destroy and Dethrone the darkness, and it will be used to Bless and Empower My people.  Fire, Wind, and Water will be released both in the Spiritual and the Natural realms, and you will See it and Feel it manifest, as My Holy Spirit Arises in Great Power with visible Signs and Wonders.  Prepare to be impressed.”

Thus says the Lord God, through His servant Diana Larking at A Watchman’s Journal.

I am preparing to be impressed, sharing this Good News so that you can also be blessed to be prepared.

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“The softest pillow is a sign of a clear conscience.”

–Narayana Murthy


Lavender infused

Gathers fond memories

Drifting into Summer

My Maman loved the scent of lavender…I can still remember the sniff of that aroma walking through her home…it’s also my favorite.

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Georgia O’Keeffe loved the mountains of New Mexico where she lived and painted these surroundings such as the bones above.


Her escape from crowds

The haunting desert beckoned

Art magnifying New Mexico

In her words:

“Sun-bleached bones were most wonderful against the blue.  That blue that will always be there as it is now after all man’s destruction is finished.”


All dry bones shall indeed rise…Ezekiel 37:1-10

Art by Georgia O’Keeffe

Happy Saturday!

A RE-BLOG POST Buy One and Get One Free………….

What a positive post!  Here, so others can enjoy it, thanks much, Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Buy one get one free may be a good marketing gimmick but it is so true in real life also in many ways:

If we always harbor anger and loathing (buy this emotion) at all times, we get acidity for free.

If we buy jealousy then we will surely get headaches and worries for free.

If we buy hatred it is time that we will get ulcers and sores for free.

If we buy stress and anxiety then high blood pressure will soon come for free.

If we buy tension and rigidity then we will surely get diabetes for free.

If we buy fear and panic it is surely time that we will invite faster breathing or shortness of breath for free.

On the flipside:

If we buy trust and faith, we will surely get friendship for free.

If we buy Gratitude and appreciate everything for the beautiful Life that…

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