Four Directions by Unknown Artist


Where are you during this worldly lockdown?  It’s apparent that every person on earth will be affected by the coronavirus in one way or another.  Everyone seems to frenzy in four directions with some sense of fear, lacking work, buying in panic, having to be isolated in sickness and too many have already died.

Amazingly, this piece of art calms the senses.  The natural world is still in order.  The birds squawk, beasts roam for food and sea creatures swim the currents while man stares glaringly to the unknown predicament of his future.  The tree of life stands firm in the mix of living things.  Governments are helping their citizens as best they can.  A call to personal prayer emerges while places of worship are temporarily suspended.  Yet, the world has not exploded into infinity.

This worldly lockdown is spreading its own antidote.  We realize that we don’t have time to hate.  What really matters is to reach out to our neighbor and show compassion for the sick and lonely.  We are returning to loving more.

Spring will come with healing.  Purple hyacinths are popping out of the ground and the birds outside my window give me joyful hope.  Our world will survive heroically because of this pandemic…Thank you, Lord.

God is master of this wonderful universe!



HAIKU Medley For a Rainy Day by Kay Warford

A million circles

in a hundred new puddles

as rain showers down


Fog hugs the wet earth

lit by bright morning sunshine

after stormy night


Dreams of butterflies

and bright gossner dragonflies

keeps spring on my mind

As you can see, Kay (a member of my writing group) creates pure Haiku.

Thanks for sharing