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Simple in prayer are those who are able to empty themselves to rely on God.  The question arises, how often do we pray in God’s presence to clarify our concerns and struggles?

“When you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret…Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”

–Matthew 6:6-8

What I find so marvelous about God, is that He is wherever your inner room is…for there peace will follow.

I trust that this coming new month will surprise you with great wonderment.  So, be fearless, be timeless and enter into the Call of God now.


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Today, people around the world pause to honor the life of Joseph, spouse of Mary and foster father of Jesus.  He is also favored as the patron of laborers in the quiet manner he lived his life.

If you “get to know Joseph, you will find Jesus.  If you talk to him, you will find Mary who always sheds peace about her.”

–Saint Josemaria Escriva

Joseph, pray for prosperity in our work.  Mary, intercede for us.


Provence Painting by Claire Wally

May, you come to push the blues away. The daffodils are bent down low giving way to azaleas, fern baskets and budding geraniums.  How we count on your beauty, hoar frost to indicate a good harvest later in the year.  A large swarm of bees hovers the backyard to guarantee loads of hay for the livestock.  Already, my lavender bushes are beginning to bloom.  But will you stir up a tail of winter in the middle of May?  We shall soon see.

Spring ushers a spiritual renewal of self and new beginnings.  May this month cajole you into achieving your dreams.


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A short Story.  A day for fishing.  Before entering the park, a sign said:  “Rise above the storm.  There you will find the sunshine.”  She wondered why the day got off to a bad start.  Tensions rose between two minds.  Sunshine, where are you?  Emotions unraveling, not seeing eye to eye.  This moment shall pass, just laugh it away!  Things could be worst.  The car was parked at his favorite fishing spot.  She unfolded her camping chair in the sunshine and noticed a long log on the river.  Are those turtles resting on the log?  Indeed, a family of 6 all lined up.  She smiled when big papa turtle slid into the water and 2 others followed behind it.  Mama turtle and 2 babies laid sunbathing quietly as hours passed.   The turtles had erased the woman’s sadness, thanking God for the soothing goodness of gazing at them.  Thankfully she prayed, “wish I had the patience of these turtles.”  No fish was caught, but by the time the couple arrived home, saying to each other, “I’m sorry” made the rest of the day a winner.


Joyous Trees by Tara Turner

These ‘joyous trees’ make me so happy to be writing almost everyday inspired by the good Lord to encourage love, peace and truth through this blog.  Your faithful presence here makes my efforts worthwhile, so I send you a big, heartfelt THANK YOU!

“Writing from the heart pleases God and gives joy to my soul.”

–your scribeforlove