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Today is bright full of sunshine and perfect for shifting  from winter woolies to organizing my wardrobe into flinging Spring outfits.  Let’s see, what still fits, what doesn’t that I can donate, what is too old fashion and what can I revamp into a new and fresh look?  This may sound a bit daunting to approach, but for me, it’s a delight to tackle.

Recycling and revamping can be fun to stretch your imagination and budget by creating a one-of-a-kind style that becomes your personal flair.  Dare be bold in mixing and matching different textures, colors and patterns.  And when you feel excited about how your closet finally looks, you will know you have fashioned your special niche.  So go for it.  Strut confidently in your new clothing and stroll in the beauty of Spring and Summer spreading good cheer…that’s what I am doing!

A RE-BLOG POST Miserable or Blissful-It’s Entirely your Choice…………

What a captivating story to re-blog here and share with others. Thanks, Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

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A Sufi mystic who had always remained happy was asked by people who observed him almost every day for the last 70 years, why he had never ever been found sad. One day they asked him, ‘Pray tell us, what is the secret of your happiness? We have never seen you forlorn but looking joyful and smiling forever. We would definitely like to hear from you what makes you happy and cheerful and take some learnings of value from you.’

The Sufi very kindly said, ‘There is no great secret.It is very simple. Every morning when I wake up, I meditate for five minutes and I say to myself, ‘Listen now my friend and soulmate, there are two possibilities for you, either you can beMISERABLEthe whole day through and keep on crying at your misfortunes and bad luck, or you can beBLISSFULand lead a…

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“There is only one person with whom you can profitably compare yourself, and this person is your yesterday self:  You.”

–Author Unknown

“Through the looking glass

You could see your mask

Dreams will come true

With only a clue

Wandering aimlessly alone

To find my way home

Winds swept under my feet

My hands begin to meet

I closed my eyes

Remembering my ties

Trying to make a dash

Through the looking glass.”

–Poem by Sharon Adamson


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“Faith is a gift from God.

“One can be aware of Faith as easily as one can be aware of earth.

“Faith is as certain as is the existence of water.

“Faith is as sure as the taste of an apple, the fragrance of a rose, the sound of thunder. the sight of the sun, the feel of a loving touch.”

–Author Unknown

Faith is a beautiful gift like these Monarch butterflies.

“Butterfly, Butterfly

Here’s another on the sill

You’re standing so still

Hoping to catch your eye

O my butterfly come into the light

O, what a beautiful sight.”

–Poem by Sharon Adamson

I wish you a splendid week of beautiful wonders.


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“Dear children, every day, you should ask for God’s blessing so that you can carry out your works.”

–Words from Mary at Medjugorje

My eyes saw a small news heading of a Chinese transport worker who in desperation took his life by drinking poison because the government had discovered that the GPS system on his truck was not connected to the government grid, fining him $300.00.  Surely, God had thought of him that day with mercy and a welcoming embrace, ending his oppressive life.

Doesn’t this sad story give all of us pause to do everything in our power to protect freedom that comes from God who blesses in abundance for every good work.

Your life is indeed a blessing.