A RE-BLOG POST -When tears will hold water

Poetically superb, ready for a re-blog here, Merci Isabella.


We are not floating in compassion yet

Still no need to fret in our compassion debt

One day our tears will hold water

In a new quarter

No longer kept at bay

Ending that needle in the hay

Stacked against us

Throwing us under the bus

Light a new form of transportation

Complete and utter restoration

No more boast in a boat

That will more than float

Love will gracefully deliver

A brand new river

The lion of Judah’s roar will become like an oar

Rowing us safely to the sure,

the new and oh so true;

I love You

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“The remnant lifts up its voice with a joyous shout.”

–Isaiah 24:14

“2022 is the Year of Intercessors.

The blessing of the Lord is reset every morning for you and me.

He will dance with us as we thrive and overcome.

We will grow in faith.

We are on the brink of deliverance or loss of free speech.

Confront either moments of freedom or tyranny.

What if tomorrow we decide to return to normal and everything changes?

Are we ready to meet God’s tomorrow?

Intercessors, let us rally together for the light of freedom.”

Thus says the Lord through the voice of Prophet Robin D. Bullock

Painting Freydoon Rassouli by Catherine de Rose

A RE-BLOG POST – What Do You Gain from Praying to God……..

What a lovely post regarding the importance of dialoguing with the Creator; thanks Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

While You Were Sleeping — Jason and Dana Rongione

A renowned Persian poet was once asked by someone: What do you “Gain” from praying to God regularly?

He replied: Usually “I do not earn anything”, but rather “I lose certain things.”

And he quoted everything he lost praying to God regularly:

  • I lost my pride.
  • I lost my arrogance.
  • I lost my anger.
  • I lost stress.
  • I lost greed.
  • I lost the pleasure of lying.
  • I lost the taste of sin.
  • I lost the impatience.
  • I lost despair and discouragement.

Sometimes we pray not to gain something, but to lose things that do not allow us to grow personally and spiritually. Prayer educates, strengthens and heals.  It also brings peace of mind, love, happiness and joy. May your prayers be answered and your day filled with miracles and blessings. How wonderful it is to know that God walks before us, charts our paths and makes the crooked places straight. There…

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“Be the witness of your thoughts.”

–Zen Proverbs

If you find yourself in some difficulty that bewilders your compass, still yourself before the Almighty, like I have lately.  Though temporary, such season offers the soul to appreciate a holy desperation, knowing that God is ever present with solutions to dispel darkness.  I continue to slay my giants.


Living prayerfully

Answer the universal call

Holy Spirit works

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