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A CHALLENGE – The “Art of Dying Well”

by Saint Robert Bellarmine

St. Bellarmine drew from Scripture a path of life on how we can live and always be ready to meet Christ.  Here is what I gleaned from his writings:

  • Cultivate daily prayer
  • Live well to die well – now is the time
  • Die to the world – by having a moderate love of things from the world
  • Promote Faith, Hope and Love – be selfless charity toward others
  • Be knowledgeable about death and prepare for the coming of the Lord
  • Be good steward of wealth – give to the poor
  • Live soberly, justly and compassionately

God will carry us to the final hour of our life.


It is His breath that is in us, and when He wants to, He will take it away.”  –-Pope Clement I



A CHALLENGE for Ash Wednesday

They shouted “persecute, scourge and crucify him.”

Rejection, denial and suffering stained my earlier life.  I couldn’t understand the purpose of it all in those dark days, but know I know better.  I was being restored in faith, so that when I receive ashes on the forehead today, I will accept the invitation to be renewed in faith even more.

Will you be making the way for grace to touch and transform you?  I pray so.


How I am encouraged by the refreshing new look of your site and this post which deserves a second glance here. I join you in the march for battle with the Lord this 2020.

The Godly Chic Diaries

I used to be a queen at beating myself up for not being on top of everything. I somehow had let the belief system that success was on me. But, let me tell you — there is ALWAYS a better way with Jesus. It all comes down to what we prioritize in our hearts. I learned quickly to surrender what my idea of success was, and remind myself it’s okay to not do everything perfectly. So today, if you can relate — give yourself a big dose of grace and remember just how far you have come and how far God has brought you. Amen!

I have always admired the Prophet Moses. He was truly a miracle-working leader and a remarkable man of God. The fact that he led a massive following of people through the desert trying to get to the Promised Land and still had a burning desire…

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A RE-BLOG POST ~My Heart Refused To Skip A Beat~

So brave and poignant…surely to inspire others.

The Intellectual Eggplant Welcome


The pain constricting my heart

as my world fell apart,

to where I could hardly breathe

it was suffocating me,

afraid if I stood still

my mind would slowly lose it’s will,

yet my heart absolutely refused,

however battered and bruised

to skip a beat in defeat.

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When things go ‘wrong’ in life, and tempted to taking shortcuts, is an invitation to trust that those trials will far outweigh the disruptions, so long as one depends on God.

Better yet like Kamal wrote in her recent story ‘Temple Stairs,’ “you need to rise above your level to reach God.”

Sometimes the challenges seem insurmountable, but with Him, anything and everything is possible!  Do not allow the wrong in your life to dismay you!