Aswan on the Nile River, Egypt

About 2 years ago, I had this loving dream…soon after creating this blog site.

I find myself in a desert.  I see a long scroll unfolding before my eyes as if searching for my ancestors.  Then my French grandmother appears in radiant peace. O, how I miss you dear Mame Jane, she nods saying, “when you finish writing all of your stories, then will I be waiting for you and we will all be together.”

I’m still writing with purposeful joy.


“Dreams are given to those who shout them to the world as God’s messenger.”

–yours truly

…are you keeping track of your Love dreams..?


Painting by Lucid Being


On this bright morning stepping outdoors to greet the world with joy, as the sun rose from the East beaming blindly on my neighbor’s windowpane, my eyes shut closed because of the brilliant rays between the tree tops, with eyes of faith I saw in wonderment:

Angels in red hot glow ascending high in the sky pulsating before the Son of God within the sun.  They floated in circular motion, my mind taking it all in awe, such mystery to unravel, but a for real encounter lasting a while.  Then the refulgent light began to dissipate.  My eyes opened, thanking God for this morning’s greeting.  This day is special to write about.

Do you have an angel story you would like to share?  I would love to marvel at it!


Hell by Simply Nice Art

Where am I?  It’s so gray all around.

Then I descend into a deep darkness.  There I see people bobbing in a large pool of water.

Then a strong force turns my gaze.  I recognize him.  The devil sitting on his ugly throne.  So repulsive!

But I am not afraid…


Since that ominous dream, I take great notice of all my dreams, journal them and pray for a true undestanding of them. I believe we are given dreams to lead better lives.  This one keeps me humble because I woke up from it shouting, ” I don’t belong to you, I belong to Christ.”

I plan to share a few more dreams in the coming days.  May your dreams guide you to peace and wellness.


“Jesus looks for the genuine energy and determination we apply to be saved by him.”

–Fr. John Murphy



Today I awoke with the word “Rabboni,” similar to this Christ icon.  The dream took me to my mother’s church in Miami – maybe because the day before I had remembered to call my mother’s best friend Gloria for her birthday.   The dream vanished as my brown Labrador nudged me from sleep yet I retained precious memories of serving Maman and Gloria Sunday brunch for many years…which put me in a grateful mood to write about it.


As if you ushered an angel to whisper in my ear

I am your faithful teacher

Wake up to taste and see my goodness

That you may walk above the jagged rocks of your journey

Each day my mystery unfolds before your eyes

Behold my Love and Protection

My Promise for you and everyone you know and love


I am very grateful to have these memories to jump start this day.

Dear Friends, I pray that gratitude greets you each and every day of your life