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“Now godliness with contentment is great gain.  For we brought nothing into the world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.”

–Timothy 6:6-7

Bumping into a longtime friend today taught me a good lesson — nothing happens by coincidence.

He began sharing his 15-day hospitalization with Covid, saying that his worst pain was not being able to pray and being separated from his family.  With two nurses at his side, he kept acknowledging that he was in great darkness but with no pain, thinking this might be hell.

“When we lose a blessing, it sometimes has nothing to do with us.  Other times, it may be a reminder that if we know Jesus, we already have all we need to be content.”

My friend’s exceptional story warmed my heart and has given me courage for the coming days.  Each time a notion of sadness pops up, I will tell Jesus he is all I really need — all everyone really needs.


Painting by Vincent van Gogh

My Dear Friends,

Thank You for your best wishes for my birthday on yesterday.

Thanks be to God, I am a new creation within the heavenlies.

No matter how one toils in encouragement, You fuel my passion for Love and loving God.

My resolve cradles truth and endless love.

Now I must get back to good writing…hopefully to your liking.


Biting into life

To prevail in storytelling

By shining moonlight

sincerely, your scribeforlove


Our Lady of Good Health Vailankanni, India

The dawning of salvation came with the birth of Mary.   We can thank God for her parents and her birthday today.  Though in advanced age, Joachim and Anne were graced with this daughter who gave us the Son of God.

“Her soul was the space from which God was able to gain access to humanity.”  –Pope Benedict XVI

I’m personally so grateful to Our Lady of India who recently has procured 3 miracles on my well-being.

Unique Mother, show us the way to walk on earth with the faith you have in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.


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“The power of God is Light where there is no fear.”

–Kat Kerr, Seer

Becoming part of God’s Plan is easy — just surrender; go up and operate higher.  How, you may ask.  The power of God is in each one of us.  When we are born again in Christ, we grow in his spirit.  His spirit force helps us to create, carry and release his glory.  The old normal is gone.  Our new normal will be the light we shine among us and that will blind the enemy forever.  Our future is going to be very promising and wildly exciting — Look for it in the coming days!


Summer Dance by Thomas Dewig

O how I remember those days when I loved to dance.  That tangible force to spark the notion that anything is possible if you just try.  I get that feeling each time I go walking and my  spirit of freedom soars.  Then I can claim my sense of well being and tackle the next project ahead of me and voila, my new transformation.

What is your tangible force that will spark a new transformation in you?