Art by Rembrandt

I received a wonderful affirmation in response to this post by thesunshinethagain, thanks so much!

The power of affirmation to stay the course; we ought to remain focused especially when distractions and challenges arise.”


“Fix your course on a star and you’ll navigate any storm.”

–Leonardo da Vinci

What is your star?

  Mine is the Star of Bethlehem




Spiritual combat occurs daily and affects each of us in response to the manner of our unique personality.  This combat usually centers in thoughts of the mind in response to the environment all around.  A tug of war in trying to resolve difficulties by ourselves can cause us to lose quietude.

“Happy is the man, who has filled his quiver –Psalm 127– with good thoughts

“All the reasons that cause us to lose our sense of peace are bad reasons.”  –Father Jacques Philippe of the Community of the Beatitudes

Reasoning with the world gets us nowhere.  Instead, Jesus tells us, “I give to you a peace the world cannot give, this is my gift to you.  Let not your hearts be troubled or afraid.”

–John 14:27

With each passing day of the pandemic, we are learning constantly.  Fearmongering fuels discouragement. Rather, hope and courage will propel the many necessary solutions to returning to a new normal of living, working and making dreams come true.

What do you believe?


Quote by C.S. Lewis


In the thick of the virus tensions are high.  Social distancing and keeping sanitized is working but everyone yearns for freedom again.  Freedom to travel, work, earn a paycheck, provide for loved ones and go to places of worship.  All these restrictions become teachable moments for a new way to live after the pandemic.

Do you see, as I feel, God’s outstretched arms reaching every soul with a healing touch?

The world needs more of our love and forgiveness.

All hearts are being saved.


“Make a sweet dwelling in the side of Christ crucified in order to have a holy knowledge of yourself and a true knowledge of the greatness of his goodness,.”

–Saint Catherine of Siena




My way, my truth, my life deceives, but God’s way, truth and life gives hope, protects and fills my heart with love and joy.

“The reception of mercy, when it is dramatically profound will always urge us to seek the same gift for others.”  –Fr. Donald Haggerty

“God, in you I hope all day long.”  – Psalm 25

What is your special affirmation for today?