A RE-BLOG POST – Have a Fantastic Year 2020……….

What a fresh approach to 2020! So worthy of a re-blog here. Always wonderful, THANK YOU Kamal!

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

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Time has no holiday

Dreams have no expiry date

Feet has no destination

Heart never stops loving.

Thankfulness has no name

Nature knows only how to give

Smile adds beauty to our face

A child loves us unconditionally

God is always merciful and caring

And life has no pause button.

Enjoy each and every moment

Of your wonderful life

Save only those cheerful memories

That make your eyes twinkle

And your face not wrinkle.

Live your life to the fullest

Love her beyond measure

And you will receive it manifold

Have a Fantastic Year 2020

Shower Love and Kindness

To ONE & ALL………………….

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“If I were to put all the love in the world into one heart it would be merely a spark in comparison with the love the heart of Jesus has for you and me.”

–Mother Angelica

I think, today, I will prepare for rainy days, cancel all business, swoon in deep conversations, daydream, recharge, love my husband, our home and furry pets, and allow the Christmas wind to offer me new ideas, thoughts and feelings and ponder what life is all about as the new year approaches.  What about you?

The Christmas decorations may be dismantled, but not Christ’s Love for the world, for you and me.

with grateful affection, yourscribeforlove

A RE-BLOG POST – Gratitude

Your appeal is universal. Thank you Isabella at REDRESSED…so worthy of re-blogging this here.


adult arts and crafts clay dirty Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am so grateful to all of you that have left likes or comments. Thank you. I am grateful for re-blogs and support likes, like I think yours are Jim. I am grateful to be able to have a voice because I know it is not for granted. I am grateful to be able to think, write and feel. I am grateful for so many gifts in my life, and I am even grateful for being grateful. Thankfulness is a wonderful medicine against negative and destructive patterns.

I am grateful that I no longer believe we are born to fit in, rather to stand out.

Yes, and even though this is hard and requires courage barely within my possession it fuels me. I am not brave, and only in parts I play as pinched from clay I may appear so. It is hard to stick…

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