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“The power of God is Light where there is no fear.”

–Kat Kerr, Seer

Becoming part of God’s Plan is easy — just surrender; go up and operate higher.  How, you may ask.  The power of God is in each one of us.  When we are born again in Christ, we grow in his spirit.  His spirit force helps us to create, carry and release his glory.  The old normal is gone.  Our new normal will be the light we shine among us and that will blind the enemy forever.  Our future is going to be very promising and wildly exciting — Look for it in the coming days!


Summer Dance by Thomas Dewig

O how I remember those days when I loved to dance.  That tangible force to spark the notion that anything is possible if you just try.  I get that feeling each time I go walking and my  spirit of freedom soars.  Then I can claim my sense of well being and tackle the next project ahead of me and voila, my new transformation.

What is your tangible force that will spark a new transformation in you?



Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Twenty-six years ago the Lord opened an avenue to me through His mother Mary, Lady of Mount Carmel.  Today, I give Her full credit for my daily call to prayer with all the Carmelite Saints.  This journey continues to teach me this:

Let nothing disturb you,

Nothing dismay you.

All things are passing,

God never changes.

Patient endurance

Attains all things…

God along suffices.”

–Saint Teresa of Avila

Lady of Mount Carmel, I owe you everything in regards to living a mystical way of life.

In weeping be my joy

Amid storms be my love

In poverty be my riches

In darkness be my light

In humiliation be my honor

My fullness be in hunger

In forgetting be my memory

My laurels be my contempt

In Christ be my trust

My strength is founded here

In Him alone my surety

–Saint Teresa of Avila



Animal Magic Image

I’m smiling big at this magical tiger.  Why, because this quote from my poet friend inspires this post.

“I know why I’m a poet…

I’m not afraid to feel

To touch all the things in life

That are real.”

–Braeden Michaels at Invincible Verses

Braeden’s poetry draws me to write this poem:

I know why I am a scribeforlove…

I’m writing to share God’s Glory

And spread His Joy with others…

Braeden, thank you!  What a novel way to encourage writing…even to writing my own “I know why I am…”


Painting by Natalie Plakhotnyk

“The only limit one has is not having God in your life.”

–Prophet Robin D. Bullock

God breathes in us His Holy Spirit to work out prayer.”

–Henri Nouwen

Lord, I worship you

For your name is

Holy, holy, Lord.

How shall I return

all the good you have done for me;

You have loosed my bonds.

I will take the cup of salvation

And call on the name of the Lord.

…This melody plays in my soul…