“Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.”

–Author Unknown

Today’s weather changed from freezing to a warm sunny day.  As I sit outside soaking the first warm sun rays, I notice the return of a Robin. I will add more feed in the trough for him.  Spring is arriving.  This is a welcomed change.  God knows we need change in our life not because it can be challenging, but because change is good for our hearts.


Take in Spring

Scents, feelings and memories

All are intertwined

…to bring us happiness…

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My writing group is now in session…having been asked to write about a best childhood memory…do you want to know mine?

One of so many best memories from my childhood was living with my French grandmother “Mame Jane.”

One such occasion was when she showed me what she called her ‘treasures.’  Led into her Provençale dining room at the buffet, she paused, then pulled out the middle drawer where inside I saw a red velvet cloth.  She gently caressed the cloth which contained several individual pouches.  What were these treasures?  I noticed how carefully she opened the pouches laying her precious parakeets of long ago on the table.  You see, Mame Jane kept her birds in the house free to fly, but by nightfall they always managed to return to their cage.  Whenever they died, she had them preserved.

No wonder my love for birds and writing about them surely must have come from her love for her flying companions.

Painting by Vanessa Bell