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Many birthdays ago, I found myself in despair.  This memory popped up today but the particulars remain fresh.  I remember walking for hours in my neighborhood tromping sorrow on the pavement as I approached a greenspace between houses.  As I got closer to the fenced area, I saw a white stallion without a bridle.  I focused my eyes approaching him.  It truly was a magnificent horse.  Where did you come from?  I’ve never seen you before walking down this road.  We stared at each other as if time had stopped.  What was happening to me?  I stayed with him for a long while, then he trotted off into the opposite direction.  Stunned by his reaction I realized my deep sorrow had been lifted and I had been given  courage to go home believing that heaven had dissipated my despair.

The next day I rushed to that greenspace.  I never saw the white stallion again.  I am so grateful to recall this miraculous intervention.  It proves that with patience comes deliverance and I can trust in divine timing.


Biscayne Bay, Miami

Animal Magic – How would you react to meeting these Manatee creatures under water?

My answer, with screams of “help! get me out of the water!

That’s what happened to me one summer visit with my family as my brother insisted I learn how to water ski.  As I fell into the bay, a school of Manatees surrounded me as I waited for the boat to scoop me up.  My brother yelled, ‘they are gentle, they won’t hurt you, calm down,” fortunately, he was right.  The next morning I woke up with a bruised body and never tried waterskiing again.  That experience was enough–haha!