The Museum of Spiritual Art, Franklin, Ohio


Well! The next best thing to being there is finding it on the Internet – so let me show you.

Assumption of Mary by Tim Langenderfer

I will write more about this Mary on August 15


There is a certain warmth to this man on his prayer rug, meditating on the mysteries he has just chanted.


Magnificent details – Could it be the oldest sister or mother explaining a certain passage, with their eyes and ears of innocence being captivated by Truth?


So young to be so dedicated to prayer, perhaps with his parents looking on with admiration for the blessings to come from their son.


Might these 3 Rabbis have a different perspective regarding their Jewish faith?

Lady Charity by Tim Langenderfer

I have written about her in ‘Irresistible Love’

I hope you have enjoyed this quick museum tour.

Thank you Ramesh Malhotra for creating this wonderful museum of Spiritual Art.




Something Golden to Write About

Contemporary Chinese Art takes centerstage at the “East Meets West” Exhibition in Jackson, Wyoming with three prolific artists.

Calvin Liang – Huihan Liu – Jie Wei Zhou

I find these 3 samples delighting my imagination.  Hope you find them appealing.

Trailside Galleries
Watertown  Oil on Canvas by Calvin Liang

Liang depicts Kaiping’s water towns which have become tourist attractions as their residents have been relocated to government apartment complexes.  Can you feel the ripples of water and the precise details in their natural colors?

Trailside Galleries
Donkey Delivery by Huihan Liu

Liu represents the lifestyles of the Tibetan people using accurate details in such a colorful textured brushwork.  I find this oil on linen rustling with everyday routine.  The man’s face is clear with intent to make his rounds successful; he seems content.  I wonder what the woman in the background is doing.

Sharing an Umbrella by Jie Wei Zhou

Zhou’s art admires the tribal people of Tibet, Mongolia and China saying:

“My passion for their culture was fostered when I was a college student visiting the Guizhou Province.”

Zhou is highly regarded for his stunning figural works.  How caring is this child to share her umbrella with her duck pet.

All three canvasses are surely something golden to write about.  What do you think?


Rokuzan Art Museum, Azumino Japan


Nestled between wasabi and rice fields, this museum opened in 1958, holds rare sculptures made by Moriye Ogihara (1879-1910) artistically known as Rokuzan.   In 1901 he moved to America then to Paris to study Rodin’s ‘The Thinker,’ further to Italy, Greece and Egypt, all of which influenced his works and self portrait below.  He singularly was successful in bringing Western art to Japan.


Can you feel through his posture and expression the weight of his emotions?




To all widows and widowers, I am very sorry for your loss.

Widowhood is a very special season in life.  I saw this in my mother offering good works and hospitality in her community until she became chronically ill.  In those 37 years of being lonely she demonstrated an undeniable faithful love for my father while working out her sanctification.  The model my mother has left me points to two attributes:  Do not be disappointed in yourself; rather, always honor the cherished memories and God still wants you alive.  My mother lived past her 94 birthday and at the moment of her last breath she told me she was ready to meet God and rejoin her beloved spouse.

This HAIKU is for Stella

Being a widow

special season all alone

God wants You to Love…still


“Aloneness is nearer God and nearer reality.”  –  Gwen John

“Death is God’s enemy.  Death is just God passing by at the end of earthly life.”

–Source Unknown



Oriental Poppies By Georgia O’Keefe


The bold and deep centers of these oriental poppies fire up my imagination to think about my soul.  Do you sometimes ponder about your soul?  Doesn’t the soul denote an invisible and immortal “something” that lasts forever?

I remember a time while meditating as being taken somewhere peaceful I had never been before.  After a spell, I felt my heart jolted back into my bosom, eyes blinking wide  realizing that I had been in a very special place.  I concluded that I had finally discovered my soul.

I believe the soul is where one receives a sweet inner longing for something greater than one’s self like truth and beauty.  The soul protects us even if we may temporarily choose an unlikely path.  Divine is that moment when a person discovers wisdom and happiness in their soul.   No doubt, Georgia O’Keefe painted her soul in this brilliant canvass when she said, “I decided that if I could paint a flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.”  She was right.  Her soul is beautiful.

When asked, “what do you want?  Author Cassandra Clare answered, “Just coffee, black like my soul.”

On the radio there is a popular song that sends me each time I hear it with the refrain, “It is well with my soul.”

Indeed, it is well with my own soul.

May you be well with your everlasting soul!



More beautiful than the sunset in this untitled Western painting is this Indian maiden looking down the earth with reluctant pensive eyes.  I stood in front of her for a long while imagining how her wild and difficult life must have been.  Were you a pioneer’s daughter captured by a young chieftain and forced to live a radically foreign culture?  What made you so sad and alone?  Your exquisite and quiet beauty allays, overcomes, any thoughts you may have enjoyed or suffered.

Under this painting at the Booth Museum were the words “BAG Show,” but I couldn’t find further references.


“A Meeting in Time” in the Cross Hall of the White House

Ross Rossin is the creator of this magnificent canvas of the 20th century presidents on display at the Booth Museum in Cartersville, Georgia.  The day we were there, we saw him painting.


“We call them presidents, but they are also commanders-in-chiefs.  Their policies, flaws and strengths influence the military in this country.  For me, as an artist, it’s important to capture their faces.”

Rossin said further, “All the presidents have never met, but they are meeting in this painting and having this silent dialogue about things.  They are talking together in time and sharing a common dream as presidents.  We’re trying to keep the dream alive.”

“Democracy is a work in progress, and the United States has had a peaceful transition of power over many decades.  You see this in the paintings, but it’s not the case for the rest of the world.”

Rossin intents to complete the entire project by the end of this year and paint the 21st century presidents on a separate canvas and leaving room to draw in future presidents.  It was truly an honor to meet and see Mr. Rossin paint this extraordinary canvas.