Saint Rita of Cascia, Italy


Do you have a fervent prayer petition still unfulfilled?  Call on Saint Rita and you won’t be disappointed.  I offer my petitions to her each May and have yet to be discouraged.  Let me explain…

Margarita was born to elderly parents in 1381.  Everyone called her Rita for her ‘pearl’ meekness as she cared for her pious parents.  At their request, she was happily married  for 8 years to Paolo Mancini and bore twin sons.  Misfortune struck when Paolo was murdered and her sons died young unexpectedly.  Rita found her way out of sorrow in becoming an Augustinian nun where she developed peacemaking abilities between the vendetta families of Cascia.  For 40 years, she prayed and worked for the poor.  At age 60 for the next 15 years, she received a thorn of the crown from Jesus on her forehead, confined to bed and sustained only by receiving Holy Communion.  As she breathed her last, Rita said: “Remain in the holy love of Jesus…remain in peace and fraternal charity.”  Rita returned to God on May 22, 1457 and her body remains incorrupt, venerated to this day in Cascia.

Because Rita lived an extraordinary life of prayer and sacrifices, she is known as the ‘Saint of the Impossible” in every circumstance of life, and I assure you she has fulfilled my prayers thus far.  If your heart is heavy with prayer petitions, reach out to Saint Rita. She will respond to you and you won’t be disappointed…trust me…

Saint Rita, Pray for us



The Dandelion – Art by Janie Olsen

One of my favored things to do in summer is whiff freshly cut grass, but after reading this delightful poem, I will stop and gaze at the dandelions before I mow them down.

The Dandelion by Vachel Lindsay

O dandelion, rich and haughty,

King of village flowers!

Each day is coronation time.

You have no humble hours.

I like to see you bring a troop

To beat the blue-grass spears.

To scorn the lawnmower that would be

Like fate’s triumphant shears,

Your yellow heads are cut away,

It seems your reign is o’er.

By noon you raise a sea of stars

More golden than before.


Thank you, Christopher, for sharing this wonderful poem and art piece



Mary by Henry Ossawa Tanner 1900

At Fatima

101 years ago today the sun burst through torrential rain stunning the Portuguese people.  They fell to their knees asking for forgiveness to a ‘Lady who was sorrowing’ and making a request to these shepherd children.


Jacinta, Francesco and Lucia

The Lady said:  “Pray the Rosary for the conversion of sinners so no one loses their way to God.”



Petunia – Another Favorite Abstract Painting of Georgia O’Keeffe


Georgia excelled in her visions of botanical flowers such as this one.  However,  those Freudian critics wrongly labeled these botanical pieces as ‘erotic’ to which she strongly refuted that and being a feminist.  To this she retorted:

“The critics are just talking about themselves, not about what I am thinking.”

What she thought was :

“You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.”

I agree, and declare “I love Georgia O’Keeffe!



Whatever is your work

God worthily brands in the soul

Be joyful as you work


Snapshots of Georgia O’Keeffe


She defined herself through black and white fashions 1928

Abiquiu01.jpeg   Abiquiu09.jpeg

Georgia owned two houses in Abiquiu New Mexico which now serve as museums.

She loved to garden whatever would grow in the desert soil, mostly Hollyhock.

Georgia O'Keeffe…definitely an icon for American Abstract Modernism art…