My mother and moi had the privilege of carrying a replica of the holy cross through the old Jerusalem streets for the 8th station where Jesus met the Women of Jerusalem.  While holding the front of the cross on my shoulders, I trembled at all the grief I had given my dear Maman.  I wondered what she was thinking holding the end of the cross.  After that impressive experience, we continued to love each other more deeply in silence and celebrated our mutual forgiveness of each other over a delicious Jewish meal.

To the Women of Jerusalem, Jesus said:

“Do not weep for me; weep instead for yourselves and for your children.”

We did.  I still do.


Four Directions by Unknown Artist


Where are you during this worldly lockdown?  It’s apparent that every person on earth will be affected by the coronavirus in one way or another.  Everyone seems to frenzy in four directions with some sense of fear, lacking work, buying in panic, having to be isolated in sickness and too many have already died.

Amazingly, this piece of art calms the senses.  The natural world is still in order.  The birds squawk, beasts roam for food and sea creatures swim the currents while man stares glaringly to the unknown predicament of his future.  The tree of life stands firm in the mix of living things.  Governments are helping their citizens as best they can.  A call to personal prayer emerges while places of worship are temporarily suspended.  Yet, the world has not exploded into infinity.

This worldly lockdown is spreading its own antidote.  We realize that we don’t have time to hate.  What really matters is to reach out to our neighbor and show compassion for the sick and lonely.  We are returning to loving more.

Spring will come with healing.  Purple hyacinths are popping out of the ground and the birds outside my window give me joyful hope.  Our world will survive heroically because of this pandemic…Thank you, Lord.

God is master of this wonderful universe!



Flowers in the Wind by Martha Kisling


Like these flowers blowing in the wind, we too can bend the knee and bow at the majesty of this beautiful universe.  Should we offer our life as it is to God we will receive his presence and be healed of any problem.  In offering our heart, the offering will involve a struggle but we will know God’s strength, peace and joy.  We can collect manna everyday!

PS:  Brother Lawrence hated to cook in the Carmelite monastery, yet he found the Lord in the kitchen and began to cook with love.



Elective Affinities Art by Rene Magritte


I have been recently captivated by this Belgian surrealist painter.  This particular piece was inspired by Johann Goethe’s theory on human chemical – when external forces impact on the will.

Violent assault, abandonment and even the current viral pandemic are such external forces caused by someone over another – tragic to say the least.  However, I see this time as an opportunity to recapture love of family around the world…to what really matters, which is love and forgiveness.

What do you think?



Veronica comforting Jesus


Are you sometimes attracted to someone who shows little concern, yet seem to want to love them still?

When this happens to me it’s best that I distance myself from the situation, pray for the person and redirect loving thoughts to the really poor like the Chinese people who suffer greatly from their free-less society.

“Seeking perfection as your heavenly Father is perfect” is an invitation to love those who do not love us.  Our striving for compassion towards our enemies makes us sacred people.

Let us pray for those who lack peace, look down on us, even refuse to speak to us.

Love has many degrees of sincerity.



Today we may thank God for giving us Saint Joseph, with Mary as his spouse, as protectors of all families.  He gave us the sweet name of Jesus which means “God saves.”

“O give thanks to the Lord, call on his name, make known his deeds among the peoples…let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice…remember the wonderful works that he has done.”  –Psalm 105

This occasion also is to recognize that our individual name has been divinely appointed to express who we are with the Savior born for us.

May Saint Joseph, terror of demons, always protect us!

A RE-BLOG POST – The Restorative Place ‘Floating on a Leaf…’

Dear Morag, how delicately inspiring is your art and accompanying reflections is this special post which I wish to re-blog here…deeply touches my heart and hopefully others’.

Morag Noffke

Screenshot_20200301_231849 Floating on a leaf, watercolour by Morag Noffke.


Floating on a leaf…

Taken by the stream

Of life

Relinquishing control

Trusting the Hand that holds me.

I am at peace.

dav Autumn leaves floating, watercolour by Morag Noffke

Floating on a leaf…

dav Dreams that be, watercolour and acrylic ink by Morag Noffke

Floating on a leaf…

When I dream

Of life

Or meditate a while

I am restored to wholeness

Ready for action.

dav Restoring to Love, watercolour and acrylic ink by Morag Noffke

Floating on a leaf…

The quiet place

In life

Inspires my heart

To embrace compassion

For the hurting world

dav In autumn there is a dying, coloured pencils by Morag Noffke

Floating on a leaf…

Storms may come

And claim

My leaf and my body.

In sync we return to dust

Satisfied with life.

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