Notre Dame de Paris


Just yesterday I read an update on the rebuilding project of Notre Dame Cathedral.  World experts will begin reconstruction at the close of this year; however, they do not intend to follow the original blueprints.  I say, what a travesty!  Earmarked with a billion dollars, I trust they will do homage to the original builders of almost 900 years ago.

What is more amazing, almost a prophetic sign, is William Congdon’s 1955 ashy rendition of the cathedral in ruin today.  My brother and a dear friend recently visited there to notice a high fence around its perimeter with many tourists and pilgrims kneeling down praying the rosary.   Because of this enterprise, my hope is that my motherland will return to a renewed conversion of faith.



In creating art, Marc Chagall knew how to differentiate good from bad by admiring nature, and so can we.  How so? By virtue that we are all seekers of Truth and made holy in God’s image even when we falter.  Who we are is what God intended us to be.  Perhaps, better yet, we should frequently ask ourselves ‘who am I to the world? and ‘how does the world see me?’  Like Chagall said, we do not have to be like bad art.


“God is that which nothing greater can be thought.” — Saint Anselm


The Bench by Edouard Manet


Join me on the stony path and sit with me in this mystical garden…that I may share a secret with you.

See how my loyal Lema and Coco-Ranger hunt for sweet whiffs of grass.  I gladly share this peace with you.  I am my best present moment in this lush panorama.  Do you see God smiling at us in rich rendezvous.  Grace lives here.  We can be real with  Him.  Tell Him your concerns.  He’ll give us wisdom to live out our lives.  I’m so glad we’re here together.  Hopefully, you will come away refreshed and happy.  Do come back anytime.




With my Beloved driving north of Atlanta on a gorgeous sunny day, we visited the Booth Museum, an affiliate of the Smithsonian tucked away in the quaint town of Cartersville, Georgia.  So impressed were we by this collection of American Western art and culture. I hope you will like the sampling of these unique pieces:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Trail Along the Backbone by Terpning


Bronze Eagle Catcher

  booth-western-art-museum3  Paper Sculpture of Indian Mother and Child

c8083f3c956472b0ac998cda72e56c36--native-american-women-cowboys-and-indians  Indian Mother and Children


Cowboy Gear


Exhibit-at-the-Booth-Museum-partnering-with-KSUs-Osher-Lifelong-Learning-Institute  Acrylic Ponies

photo4jpg Ceremonial Dress

To be continued on another post…






Jacob’s Dream Painting by Modernist Marc Chagall (1887-1985), Nice, France


I clearly remember Marc Chagall from my Liberal Arts studies in Frankfurt, Germany.  Stemming from his Belarusian Jewish origin, Chagall stylized the beginning of modernist art in almost every art form.  He called his interpretation of Jacob’s ladder in Genesis 28:10-19 as a ‘splendid voyage” which triggers a similar dream I have nestled in my heart.   And whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I recall the dream and begin praying for those souls climbing either up or down Jacob’s ladder.


Like similar paintings of his dreams, you may be awakened to your dreams that hopefully hold a positive light to your life.

“If I create from the heart nearly everything works, if from the head, almost nothing.”

–Marc Chagall


Relaxed Reader Painting by Aisha Haider


Once when I was asked about a place that I owned, I quickly recalled a magnificent childhood, turbulent twenties and redeeming thirties+.  Aisha Haider’s ‘relaxed reader’ exemplifies my present place to own in my writing corner surrounded by a huge pile of all sorts of books inserted with lifelong memories and mementos.  Now, I carefully choose battles to fight with the sword of faith.  My current place is to relish everything that comes my way each day with love, thankfulness and forgiveness with this prayer:


My life is a gift of God given, not in years, but a day at a time, and He planned it to be the most important day of my life.  Only today is mine.  Dear Lord, receive it graciously.

What place do you own?  If you decide to answer this question, you will be nicely surprised by its outcome.  Why not give it a try!


“I cannot imagine why my vision will have some value in the world…and yet, I know it will.  I think it will count because I am patient and contemplative in some degree.”

–Gwen John

“Reading and writing help me to remember the good and to preserve it.”  -yours truly

A RE-BLOG POST ~A Graceful Insight Into The Depths Of Faith~

Here’s a sample of Juanita’s lyrical writing from the heart…

sincerely, your scribe for love

The Intellectual Eggplant Welcome


Painting The Offering by:Saturnino Herran

The glowing candles moved, danced and flickered. The light touching everything in the room. Izel did not know what was going on. She had just walked indoors for a drink, using the back door entrance. This entrance led into a wide hallway area. With its shelves and cabinets it was used for storage.

Izel would need to cross through this area and down the long hallway to get to the kitchen, where the drinks were. On this occasion however, her drink would need to wait. The scene she encountered would ultimately offer her a very unique and personal insight into faith. For there her mother was kneeling on the hard cement floor in that wide storage area. Her left hand was holding a fistful of white candles.

On the floor in front of her, in a row straight across was a line of burning candles…

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