“Prophecies prove to be right, not interpretation.”

–Prophet Julie Green

I’m a firm believer that God speaks to everyone, for Jesus says, “my sheep hear my voice.” God will certainly tell us what to do and how to pray. And thank goodness the enemy does not know God’s final plan.

God’s plans for each of us never changes.  He pursues us until we discover and embrace him whole-heartedly.  God always wins.

I gave them this command:  Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people.  Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you.”  Jeremiah 7:23

Julie often speaks about obedience because “it gives faith to those who don’t see have special reward; faith is trust over fear.”

So, how can we believe God when we just cannot see it?

Daniel’s story in the lions’ den proves this point well.  When he heard the king’s decree to bow down to him, he decided to obey God instead through faith that God would deliver him from the lions, and God did so.

So, why shouldn’t we believe that God will defeat the giants of our day?

“We need to see the end like God sees it.” 

“Come alive in the name of Jesus.”

Julie Green

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“If you are going to be a Christian at all, you might as well live entirely for God.”

–Blessed Cyprian Tansi of Nigeria

O God

When will you satisfy the cry of the Poor in Africa?

The Prophets resound loudly

Out of Africa will I save my people, soon, very soon!

Says the Lord Most High

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July has arrived!  Will these proverbs come true?

If the 1st of July be rainy, it will rain more or less for three weeks together;

Beware to trust a July sky;

If July days are bright and clear, the year will end up happy!

O, July, will you promise the joy of fresh mornings and hot afternoons cooled by sultry nights?

O, July 4th, will you provide the best tasting picnics and fireworks to scintillate the skies to honor our Independence Day?

O, July, will you encourage vacations and camping trips?

O, July, will you stir up new romance or rekindle old ones?

O, July, to make up for last year, I expect you will do all this and more spectacularly!

May your summer be the best ever!


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Again, are these forty days and nights that I should attempt to correct preconceived notions and surrender ‘my will?’  A journey to deface idols, stamp out shadows and clear tears of remorse…yes, Lord.

I continually discover that Lent builds on itself as stepping stones seeking answers and comfort from God…always to realize that He loves me for who I am and not for what I do.  Christ’s heart is always ‘moved with pity’ for genuine repentance. This is true for everyone.

“I am like a growing olive tree, in the house of God; I trust in the goodness of God forever.”  –Psalm 52:8

May this Lenten campaign truly achieve ‘a clean heart’ in everyone’s soul.