Hail! Hearts born in October

“When you learn to love yourself, you deepen the capacity to accept and love others too.”

–Morag Noffke

Free Verse

Loyal heart knit in a warm womb

With my being fashioned

All my days

And actions scribed in

The Book of Life

“Even before one came to be.”

–Psalm 139: 13-16


My heart’s treasures are etched from the very beginning.

So grateful to be a child of God

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“It is human to fall, it is divine to forgive.”

–Mother Angelica

The Creator’s Song

Echoes from the garden of Eden

Alas, with first parents falling

Yet God’s Covenant remains

Sends His Son for our redemption

Christ’s Light shows The Way

We all desire to return to the garden

It’s not the end of our story

Love never ends

Painting by Suad Al-Attar


“How natural it is that I should feel as I do about you, for you have a very special place in my heart.”

–Philippians 1:17

God sends us special people…

So special to brighten life

To lighten strife

When the way seems dreary,

When we are weary

To bring light

And through these special people

We receive tender care

From God’s loving steeple.

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Hail to your mimicking sounds

To awake me in sunshine or pouring rain

I cherish you like my heartbeat

O Mockingbird singing morning glory

At my first breath, movement and thought, how I thank God!

Sweet song propels me through the day wherever it leads me

At nightfall to rest, grateful for whatever the day

Then sweet dreams rush in until

Mockingbird sings morning glory again

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Each of them is Jesus in disguise.”

–Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Guess Who Sees?

Who sees their dignity?

Helping the destitute and dying

Reminding us of our calling

To dispense generous loving

Like holy Teresa

God sees you in seeing their dignity

Jesus in disguise

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