A RE-BLOG POST of Holy Week

It gives me pleasure to share this re-blog post to savor Holy Week, Daryl, thank you.


Upon the horizon
Let all sinners seek
The offer of treasure
Of our Holy Week

So rich are the blessings
Found in the Word
The miracles shared
Of truth that occurred

An infinite well
Through mystery deep
An eternal drawing
Of quenching to seep

Through prayer of a supper
And passions display
Comes our greatest joy
On Easters Sunday!

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Image Music Note Desktop Wallpaper

In a moment of worship, this song began to play in my heart.

Jesus, I enthrone You

Setting aside doing my way

How sad I am to dethrone You

Jesus, I enthrone You

May I always worship You first

Seeing I am because of who You are

Come Lord Jesus, take your place in me

Jesus, I enthrone You.

Wish I was musically inclined to write the notes…


Painting by Warren Salman

At the end of the day, come sit with me

I know how weary you are, busying about

Plans gone awry, your disappointment high

At the end of the day, come sit with me

I will undress your fears, relieve your stress

I know you will do your best tomorrow

At the end of the day, come sit with me

I love you like no one else can…

says the good Lord.


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Where is the sunshine?  Strong gusts of wind force autumn leaves and souls to fall.

Like the pulse of a nation gelling, hear cries of disgust grasping for fading hope.

Thunder shouts “You cannot serve God and Mammon, as long as babies are killed in and outside of the womb.

The moral fiber of a people is splintered.  The Evil One has conquered and rejoices, his deceits reign.

Yet, the remnant bend at the knee pleading for mercy knowing that Justice will pound its gavel on all.

If the nation does not repent, all other nations will fall as well.

Wisdom is as wisdom does.

So long as prayers are raised, God help us!  Perfect your love in us!

Faith will prevail, so future generations will shine like the stars in heaven