“These three — Fire, Wind, and Water, are considered by many people as basic elements of nature.  But I say to you that Fire, Wind, and Water are elements of My Nature, and you will see them Fully Expressed during this season of Dark to Light.  Fire, Wind, and Water come to Full expression through My Spirit, and this season of Warfare will Showcase His workings in the earth.  I, the Father, was showcased in the Power, Beauty, and Intricacy of Creation.  My Son was showcased as the Perfect Lamb who brought Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance and a Restoration of intimate relationship with Me.  The Holy Spirit Birthed the Church through Fire (tongues of fire), Wind (His mighty, rushing presence), and Water (baptism).  Now, as the Church matures, Holy Spirit will be showcased as the Kingdom Era grows, until It Fills The Earth (Daniel 2:44).  My Spirit will Manifest Fire, Wind, and Water throughout the earth.  It will be used to Destroy and Dethrone the darkness, and it will be used to Bless and Empower My people.  Fire, Wind, and Water will be released both in the Spiritual and the Natural realms, and you will See it and Feel it manifest, as My Holy Spirit Arises in Great Power with visible Signs and Wonders.  Prepare to be impressed.”

Thus says the Lord God, through His servant Diana Larking at A Watchman’s Journal.

I am preparing to be impressed, sharing this Good News so that you can also be blessed to be prepared.

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“We are always safe and secure in God’s Presence.”

yours truly

In recognizing the Ascension of Christ into heaven, He gives us these promises:

We are on our way to heaven.

Nothing can prevent us from reaching this destination.

There, we will be face-to-face with Him.

Our joy will be none like those on earth.

Our feelings won’t get in the way.

Is there anything more desirable?

Happy Sunday!

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Hail A lily for every mother past, present and future.

Mother’s Day is every day for all mothers. and the lily of the valley honors all of us.

This delicate bell-shaped flower with its intoxicating perfume is mentioned 15 times in Holy Scripture as a symbol of beauty, humility and purity as belonging to Mary, mother of Jesus.

O, Lily of Springtime, you are welcome here.

O, sweet intoxication, send loving hugs to all mothers gone before us.

O fruitful blossoms, camels love to graze you.

O, Lily of the valley, send us happiness and peace.


“Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high.”

Vincent van Gogh

I have lived under these starry nights over the Rhone River, with a cool breeze overcoming the intense heat of Provence, my native land.


A shiny sea of nightly stars

Look up and see

God scintillating

Painting by Vincent van Gogh


“In darkness God’s truth shines most clear.”

–Corrie Ten Boom

Sunshine, you are welcome here!

This past week I have been soaking up the warm sunshine noticing how Spring has sprung with all kinds of greenery on our property.  Hosing down the yellowish pollen and setting patio furniture on the deck.  This gift of sunshine reminds me that Christ will always overcome the chaos that the world perpetrates.  Let me share God’s perfect message for us now to understand ‘the coming darkness’ as revealed through Diana Larking at A Watchman’s Journal.

The Coming Darkness.  Many voices are speaking of a Coming Darkness.  Many believe this darkness will be caused by those partnered with darkness, and they fear the dark-hearted people will use the darkness as a power play for control.  However, I want you, My Army of Light, to know that this coming darkness is from My Hand.  Let me give you this further Assurance:  the coming darkness is Meant for the Wicked and Corrupt; it is NOT meant for my people.  You will have Light, just like My children in the land of Goshen had light and were Protected from My plagues and judgments sent against Egypt.  The coming darkness is meant to Bring Down Corrupt Systems and to Silence the Voice of the Lying Media.  DO NOT FEAR the coming darkness because it is a SIGNAL that a NEW DAY is here and that the VICTORY has been WON.  You will see JUDGMENT and JUSTICE PREVAIL.  Celebrations and rebuilding will begin, and a FREEDOM you’ve never known will FLOOD the Land.  There is a COMING DARKNESS for the wicked, but you will experience Me as the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.”

May you keep this powerful message in your heart; you won’t be disappointed.  And why not start celebrating today and eat cake to thank our magnanimous Creator for His providential promises.

Son Shine, we are yours!

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You will seek me and find me; when you seek me with all your heart.”

–Jeremiah 29:13

What goes through your mind when you begin to start a new day?  Are your thoughts positive or worrisome?  What is it that motivates you?  I believe that the spiritual realm first awakens the mind to function physically.

“Let everything that you possess be in the hands of God.”

Mary’s message from Medjugorje

“My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me.”

–Psalm 63:8

We should not forget that we are here on earth to find eternity in heaven.

“Therefore, gird up your minds, set your hope fully upon the grace that is coming to you at the revelation of Christ.”

–1 Peter 1:13

Besides all of these considerations, I like to realize feeling, thinking and doing something new each day, and Holy Spirit comes to play with me.

May this first week in April be invigorating to your mind.

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