“The Lord is opening heaven for his saints.  The Lord is going to release something so glorious, both spiritually and in the natural realm.”

–Evangelist Kent Christman

“We are seeing a great shaking for a great awakening.  A great darkness of judgment will take place before light shines.”

–Prophet Julie Green

The prophets are sounding the alarm, “the Spirit of Elijah” is returning to the earth.  That should not cause fear because God saved the Israelites by walking through the Red Sea and breaking the bondage from Egypt.  This season is our Red Sea moment.

We have 3 months ahead of the enemy’s defeat.  The rain of the prophets’ anointing will follow the roar of the Lion of Judah, and the weak Church will rise up.  Malachi echoes that the wicked will become stubble and we will witness a wave of healing and restoration of nations across the earth.   This is our destiny, who believe in His Word.  Let us not relent in prayer.  Believe me, you and I will live to see the Glory of God upon our world.

I hope these words of encouragement will carry you in the coming days and months, for 2023 will be 23 and us!

Painting by Paul Klee


“Lean Not on Your Own Understanding”

Painting by Anthony Fabo

This saying “lean not,” is worth noting today.  Or at least it pulls my heartstrings to recall the fond memories of my ancestors.

Every morning I sing praises to my Abba Father, Holy Trinity and Holy Family and all my ancestors before me.  And when I cannot lean on my own understanding, I can lean on them who made me.  I can lean on their strength and support.  I am grateful for their sacrifices which embodies God’s divine love.

You too can lean on your ancestors.

This last week of September, let us weave love, peace and joy.


I AM is everything we need Him to be for us.”

–The Prophetic Voice of God through Julie Green

We should have nothing to fear because God lives on the inside of us who believe, even for those who do not believe.  With that said, I gladly shout out that precious manna falls from prophetic messages.  We should expect more from God because He loves us unconditionally.

Let us laugh in the Spirit

Dance in the Spirit and sing in the Spirit!

God is rebuilding our nation, our world.  Evil has no foundation and will be destroyed.

Bless the Lord, O my soul

Bless God first

Believe before seeing!



“Praise is like sunlight to the human spirit:  We cannot flower and grow without it.”

–Jess Lair

In praise of God to tackle a new week

“Press in, rise up, press through.  Speak words of Life.  Speaks words of God.  I AM is everything we need Him to be for us.”

–Julie Green, Prophet

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them; because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”

–1 John 4:4

God lives on the inside of us.

“Prayer and Praise is the engine that will put you in a good direction.  Praise brings down hell.”

–Robin D. Bullock, Prophet

My praise today is to stand firm and fight evil with prayer.  God will fill our homes with more and more glory.  God’s presence is His glory.

Praise God, Alleluia!

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