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Good Sunday to you!

Whatever you decide to do, smile to yourself and reign in peace to your heart.

May this Sunday be a gorgeous start to a beautiful new week.

Who am I to be loved by you?

Hanging in the balance, sometimes tottering, reaching out

Thankful I am being saved by your astonishing love

Who am I to be loved by you?


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“On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work.”  —Genesis 2:2

This verse should be a reminder that one should rest in the Lord at least one day of the week.

Recently, someone asked me, “Why do you need to see Jesus?”  He continued, “Is it because you want to see a sign or hope for a miracle, or that you feel obligated to follow how you are used to worship him?”  He concluded by saying “Don’t make it a pitstop.  Make your worship a daily encounter.  A constant conversion of your heart.” 

This revealing conversation leads me to form this affirmation:

“I want to meet Jesus to see him, receive him and give him to others with the love and mercy he gives me each time I approach him in worship — because I need ongoing conversion.”

May your worship experience brush stroke what God wishes to give you daily in your encounter with him.



This morning, I observed a majestic woodpecker as he pecked climbing up one of the trees in the yard…I watched his every movement in silence as he placed a warm smile on my face.

Birds are indeed God’s spiritual messengers to us earthlings below.  With their sacred wings they dart through the fresh air seeding inspirations from the heavens.  What a marvelous way to begin any day.

May this new week bestow marvelous wonders on you.