A Lavender Field in Provence

When I began to research writing Haiku, I learned from the famous poet Basho, that he often set out on walking journeys that had special meaning to him and has he recollected those precious memories, Basho drew a wealth of inspiration for writing Haiku, like this one:

Seek on high bare trails

sky-reflecting violets

Mountain-top jewels

Much like going on a pilgrimage, I am following his idea with this image of a lavender field reminding me of my childhood in Provence.


Endless July fields

Peppered with lavender buds

Wrapped in Mame Jane’s love


A Pexels Image

O April, you clapped your arrival with thunder, so we can expect good crops of corn and hay.  If you pour down rain, June will come very clear.  Should you cloud the sky, May will bring abundant dew.  But, please, April, do not snow yet!

Looking out the backyard my Beloved John exclaimed, the grass needs mowing.  Not yet, please, let the wild violets spread.  The fig tree shows forth its fruits for making jam.


The pollen is gone

Trace of road covered by fresh branches

Spring spreads its tapestry


A Cosmic Dance by Salma


A freak accident on December 31, I injured my left leg with a deep wound while working in the yard…the good news is that its healing miraculously fast, having to stay off my legs for 10 days – yikes!  Making the best of the worst, writing with notebook and pen on my lap and hoping to be walking again by the end of the month.


Heeding doctor’s orders

stitches shrinking the wound

anxious to dance again