The Vision After the Sermon Painting by Paul Gauguin


In this famous painting made in 1888, Paul Gauguin vivifies a biblical sermon when  Breton ladies listen to Jacob engaged with an angel.  Can you feel the intense energy of his strokes using vivid colors as he sketches the two levels of reality in this scene?  That is the style that made him stand out against other post-impressionist painters.


Ladies bowed in reverence

Attentive to the sermon’s plot

A dream becomes reality


“I shut my eyes in order to see.”  –Paul Gauguin


Two in Communion Painting by Freydoon Rassouli


A bad dream can become an unleashing of fears…that’s what I usually think of after a nightmare, but lately I’ve been sleeping very well.  Sonja Corbitt has written a book on ‘how to receive everything the Holy Spirit wants to give.’  Sonja reveals the theme of her book — Who is trying to hurt me?  How is Jesus going to unleash the Holy Spirit upon me now?  I invite you to follow the meditation she suggests:  “Close your eyes and acknowledge Christ’s act of redemption for yourself.  Do you experience an unexpected burning unction of peace covering your being?  I dare say – I hope so.

I share this story because it holds a universal message:  Stop condemning yourself.  Thankfully, my former dreams release my being unleashed of fears.  I now relish freedom – I hope you can too.


Jesus set me free

by the Holy Spirit’s power

now in communion


Thank you for sharing this Grace moment with me!



A favorite habit of mine is to peruse the infinite gallery of pictures I save for writing.  Thank God, I had saved this ‘rose quilt’ from Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, now in smoldering ruins waiting to be restored which experts say will take at least 5 years.  Generations have viewed this spiritual awakening, as I have, to gain knowledge from above from within.


Pattern of infinity

Scintillating body and soul

Discovering self


Samples of other ancient mandalas provided by Wikipedia


Aztec Sun Stone Calendar 498 AD


Architectural Mandala Borobudur


Chenrezig Sand Mandala produced by Colonel Warden of The House of Commons of the UK for the Dalai Lama’s Visit in 2008

…what a fascinating creation of mandalas…



Glass Art by Dale Chihuly


I keep a notebook as I read many different things and jot down words or images that comes to mind to write about.  Such was a recent delightful moment when I received a  postcard from a dear friend who introduced me to Dale Chihuly’s magnificent glass art, blowing my mind with writing…


Divine seeds to write

Learning to love everything more

Keeping mind so free



Quote by Mary Gordon

“I began as a poet.  I would like to say that everything is hard work but sometimes it’s just given, one just hears it.”

…what a gift..!



Beth Moon is an American photographer who for the past 14 years has captured on film the strangest, most ancient trees in the world and depicts them in books.  Some of these rare trees are over thousands of years old.  Many of them have survived only because they exist in remote uncivilized regions. It took 3 years for her to visit this Shebehon Forest in Yemen.   As she puts it, her efforts “celebrate the wonders of nature that have survived throughout the centuries.”


Ancient majesties

surviving time’s ravages

photographic wonders

…thanks to Beth Moon’s passion for ancient exotic trees…


“I cannot imagine a better way to commemorate the lives of the world’s most dramatic trees, many of which are in danger of destruction, than by exhibiting their portraits.”


 Honoring Mary with Lilies of the Valley


A Christian legend proposes lily bells to be “the frozen tears of the Virgin Mary”

In France, people give each other a bouquet of ‘muguet blanc’ as a love offering…like my grandmother used to give me…



Delicate bells bow

Over royal verdant stems

Spring intoxicates

…time to spritz this elixir all around..!



Joy Illustration by Susan Black

When Choosing Joy – Expect Miracles


Today I awoke with an irresistible notion of joy and want to share it with you.


“That your joy may be complete” – Father Zundel

“The man who has lost the faculty of being in wonder and struck with reverence is dead.”  Einstein

This surge of joy propels me to shout this HAIKU:

O Joy, stir me up!

This day’s horizon is sea-worthy

I stand unshaken