Epinal, Les Vosges, France

As I get older I become more nostalgic about my origin, those men and women from America and France who paved a beautiful path  for my life.  Today, I wish to honor their sacrifices for me.

On one birthday, my loving parents surprised me with visiting my birthplace Epinal.  We were stationed in Frankfurt, Germany close enough to the French border for a weekend getaway.

Fast forward to 2016 before my Maman met the Lord, one day my Denyse began sharing memories of D-Day June 6, 1944.  American soldiers swarmed Southern France; my father Smitty landing at St. Tropez that August.  I never thought to ask my parents exactly when they met; they married in September 1946 and eventually moved to Epinal far from sunny Provence.

Then Denyse said, “I helped with cooking at the mess hall and feeding the soldiers, and when you were born, a German POW would stay by your crib until I finished in the kitchen.”  Seeing the alarm on my face Maman quickly reassured me that he was a gentle old prisoner whom she had to trust me in his care.

Epinal is the first official American military cemetery of WWII.  The original wooden pegs still adorn the individual graves; here are some historical photos:


Entrance to Epinal Cemetery January 1945


Family photo dated 1947 found in my mother’s bible June 2016


The Mess Hall was in a barn


German POW’s carrying an American soldier to his grave

I learned about the history of the 46th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company that my Papa was assigned to reworking hasty burials and establishing proper grave sites for all fallen soldiers in the region.

I fathomed the hardships my parents experienced bringing me into the world under these horrible postwar conditions. My mother continued to reveal their brave love story.  They never talked about it while my Papa was alive.

The blood-stained soil I was born on covering over 100,000 fallen soldiers is greater than my life.  And now that I know that each snowflake sang a song for each fallen soldier, this gift remains beyond my parents’ graves.

Life certainly provokes us through the things that happen to us.  Like  Jesus speaking in Luke 8:18:

“Therefore consider carefully how you listen.  Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they think they have, will be taken from them.”

Tis very good to be constantly open to receive!


Epinal Cemetery 2021

Maman and Papa, thank you for all your sacrifices.  I salute all the brave heroes there and around the world.

“Life is a constant dialogue open to receive birth, living and dying.”

–yours truly


Tranquil Moment by Freydoon Rassouli

Autumn is naturally my favorite season.  A time to reflect personally especially with a new birthday on the horizon.  I shall write this:

“I am From” Poem

I am from what comes naturally to me

My Creator released my spirit from his benevolent hands,

He wove me into flesh in my mother’s tender womb and from my father’s eternal seed

I am from that spark of life in the Spirit

His fire ignites me day and night

I am from the Word of God

Hearing His prophetic voice

I am from my destiny in this Kingdom Age

A candle burning from Love and kindness

Just a messenger of hope for others

I am from what comes naturally to me

Because my Creator made me so.

Have you ever written a poem about yourself?

Try it, you will be amazed at how God sees grace in you.

When you know yourself, everything changes.

A RE-BLOG POST ‘I am from’ Poem

Dear Morag, this is you in your ‘I am from’ poem, so glad you ventured out and I bet you feel great about it, and of course, I find it worthy to re-blog it here…Bravo!

Morag Noffke

I am (from) of Scottish/Germanic origin.
Creative hands crafting thread, leather, wood and paints.
Wordsmith shaping poems, songs and stories.
We love nature and are the salt of the earth
While still dreaming of utopia.
Ours is a deep knowing 
That we have purpose
And a confidence in our Source, 
The Heavenly Creator.

Thank you to scribeforlove.wordpress.com for your prompt.
Have you composed your “I am From” poem?

Take care, have a wonderful weekend.

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Woman Seated Beside a Vase of Flowers

Painting by Edgar Degas

‘I Am From’ POEM

I am from a patriotic French-American ancestry

A curious magnet of eclectic nature humbly scribing

I combine gypsy freedom to faithful relationships

Derive from orthodoxy to progressive thinking

Ever so thankful to everyone who makes my life and birthday incredible!

Sincerely, your scribeforlove

PS:  Have you composed your “I am From” poem?


The Gaze of Love by Freydoon Rassouli


I am best from a contrite heart

approaching others without finding fault

I am best from a patient and gentle understanding

speaking well of others

I am best from songful praises and holy silence

I am best from God’s loving gaze

writing joyfully from the heart



Painting by Danny McBride

“I Am From” Poem

I am from the Potter’s hand

with no choice but to become one of a kind

From clay He fashioned my bones and flesh

a wondering mind full of desires, yet with temptations of my own design

I am on this journey full of surprises and disappointments

yet given all the love and forgiveness I need

to return to the Potter’s hands

washing me clean for eternity.

In thanksgiving for my life, I write!


…If you have never  composed an “I Am From” poem (Google it) about yourself, you should.  You will discover so much about your essence and, maybe like myself, will write several versions to appreciate your awesome complexity and purpose and love yourself as you are…

humbly, your scribeforlove