“Forever on Thanksgiving Day, the heart will find the pathway home.”

–Wilbur D. Nesbit

This exquisite yet empty plate speaks volume to me this special day.  Its lack of food on it pinches my heart to pray for all the poor of this earth knowing how God is preparing a transfer of wealth and prosperity to them in the coming days and months.

The delicate and translucent design of this dish also reminds me of holidays past when sumptuous meals and gifts were shared between loved ones now gone.  Keeping these memories alive enriches my life with overwhelming gratitude.

This occasion my Thanksgiving setting is simpler and more minded; avoiding any anxieties, resetting values, and practicing more loving-kindness with all my relations, while enjoying a delicious meal.

May Bliss be abundantly displayed throughout your Thanksgiving Day.

May everyone find their special pathway home.

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A Bing Image

Poem by Sharon Graham

Midnight black crows cawing, high in the pines

An acorn pressed into the soil sends up a shoot in March

A breeze loosens a hundred yellow leaves

The blue morning glory offers 4 coal black seeds

Are we alone in the Universe?

The lad bagging your groceries gives you a warm smile

A ping and you hear from a friend of 60 years

A book you ordered two days ago is in your hand

You write a story and an on-line friend a world away is thinking the same thing

Across the pews a great smile, a kiss thrown and a bow

Up high, a cross shows the greatest tragedy that became the greatest hope

Are we alone in the Universe?





Rumi Quote Image

Loves lives here – this is the banner on the new mat on my kitchen floor.  While making coffee this morning, this catch phrase gives me something to write about.  Yes! Love lives here. Better yet, Love lives in you and by the Grace of God, I joyfully thank Him for you to brighten my day.

Even more, Love lives everywhere in everyone!

Have a marvelous new week.