A RE-BLOG POST Rain is here to Stay…….

We cannot live without rain, so I wish everyone courage for the coming deluge, this is worthy of a re-blog here, thank you Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

When it rains... and you don't get wet!

It’s that time of the year

When rains bring forth

A song, a sonata in every beautiful heart

A twinky smile on pinky lips

Cool breeze a welcome change

From the prickly grumpy heat

Of the scorching rays of the sun

Thundering Clouds are happyand gay

Pouring heavy rainson parched Earth

Little kids playing in the puddles

Splashing to heavens glory

A time to enjoy, a time to let go

Getting wet a feeling of joyous surrender

Colourful umbrellas out in the open

Gumboots and raincoats doing the show

One wishes to serenade with the birds

Singing sweet songs of melodies

Lush green trees swaying to a rhythm

Radiance and abundance everywhere

Love is surely in the air

Cause rain is here to stay………..

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A RE-BLOG POST When to be Silent…….

As it is said, silence is golden, so this post is re-blogged here for my viewers to delight in, thank you Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Know When to be Silent - Wildflowers & Tumbleweeds

Be silent, when you don’t have all the facts about anyone you come across. Why hurt someone and ruin them for their entire life.

Be silent, if you can’t say it without screaming and being rude. The other person will not want to listen to you. In the end it will hurt you only.

Be silent, if your words convey the wrong impression. Sometimes people think you are giving them wrong advice even if you are not.

Be silent, in the heat of anger and jealousy. If both talk in a fit of anger than nothing will work. The situation will become more worsethan before.

Be silent, if your words could damage a friendship that had lasted for many years. Just let it go and cool down as things will work out in the end.

Be silent, if you would be ashamed of…

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A RE-BLOG POST Evil does not live

Thank you Isabella for this much needed message.  The way of love beats all evil, that is so in our face today.


accident black and white care catastrophe Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Fueled by ego

Driven by self-righteousness

Putting the pedal to the metal

To get that medal

A personal high on a way

Towards “love” and admiration

Churning and yearning to become the ruler of a nation

Insufficient dream says that greed

Increasing its velocity and speed

It is certainly in order

For a new world order

NWO on its OWN

Undercover is its gown

It is clever

To never ever

Own it

Nor spit it out

Rather shout out lies

Wear a disguise

Never admit

Stay in a pit

Hide in pride

Concede that greed

A never-ending need

Forever my way

Yes, boast and stay

Next to my OWN

On a throne

It is “my way or my way”

Known as a highway

My will be done

In whatever WW’s may come

Evil is waiting for its awards

I guess evil has it backwards


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A RE-BLOG POST “I” And “U” Important Qualities of Life……….

What a honey of a story, to re-blog on Monday, yea!  Merci! Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Meeting friends in college

How can You “SM_LE” WITHOUT “I”?

How can You Be “F_NE” WITHOUT “I”?

How can You “W_SH” WITHOUT “I”?

How can You Be “N_CE” WITHOUT “I”?

How can You Be A “FR_END” WITHOUT “I”?

How can You Be a Human “BE_ING” WITHOUT “I”?

How can You Be “K_ND” WITHOUT “I”?


But with all this “I” Can Never Achieve “S_CESS”

Nor Can “LA_GH”

Nor Can be “H_MBLE

Nor Can be “_NITED”

Nor Can be “H_MANE

And that makes “U” more important than “I”.

Let us all be United and Interconnected with each and every one. We are like the beautiful blossoming flowers. They grow together on trees but Everyone is different and special but TOGETHER we are great in our ONENESS. May God continue showering health and happiness upon all…

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A RE-BLOG POST The Power of a Song………

Just from my 3 lines, you are a true poet, so I must reblog this here with much delight. Merci my dear one.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

All About Bird Song

My lovely and wonderful friend, Zaza from scribeforlove blog has written enchanting four verses on The Power of a Song and I have added few verses that is penned below:

The Power of a Song

Pierces deep into your heart

Verses of pure love

Composed in mystical tunes

Can move you to tears

Or can make you fall in love

With the sweet melody of the song

Let the tongue be lively

Let your feet tap gracefully

Let your Soul sing beautifully

Upon tender blossoms lips

To sing a song of gladness

With the chirping of the birds

Serenading upon magical clouds

Creating a sweet symphony

Dancing to its enchanting rhythm

Holding hands to the merry tunes

Together we all can sing

Songs of delight, songs of joy

That hearkens heart’s splendor…………..

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A RE-BLOG POST Trust in the Process……….

Dear Kamal, this is such a good topic to remind us that simplicity of things brings the better enjoyment in life, and worthy of a re-blog here, thanks so much for this.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Pin by Manisha K on Relationship,Trust, love & life Quotes (With ...

We must always remember that:

Grapes must be crushed at all times to make wine.

Diamonds form under pressure.

Olives are pressed to release oil.

Seeds grow in darkness and germinate in soft soil.

Hatred breeds out of anger.

A child is born after nine months.

Copper and Iron are melted at very high temperature.

Smiles and laughter kills every negativity.

Whenever you feel crushed, anger, under pressure, pressed, negative or in darkness you are in a powerful place of transformation.  Always learn to trust the process. Everything that has come will soon pass. Learn to have immense patience and act with love and kindness with one another. We all need each other.

Sometimes we must express our gratitude for the small and simple things that are given to us. There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet…

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