A RE-BLOG POST Perfect Love………..

What a glorious topic – Love – as you describe , my favorite subject too, so I happily wish to re-blog your story here, thanks dear Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Perfect Love - DesiComments.com

My wonderful friend, Zaza from scribeforlove blog has written enchanting three verses on Perfect Love and I have added few verses into a poem that is penned below:

Perfect Love:

Tears as precious pearls

Ravishes a frightful heart

The soft heart was broken into tiny pieces

Without repair for days together

Then True Love came riding on his bicycle

As swiftly as he could to console his Beloved

With a Bouquet of pink roses

A lovely gift of precious pearls

As white as a milky way

Encased in a lovely necklace

Whispers in loves forlorn ears

Come my darling, my gorgeous love

A gift from the Gods have I brought for you

Awaken with the freshness of a dew drop

Do not despair, do not cry my love

I shall give you all my comfort

Caress you like a gentle flower

Take you in my arms forever

I have…

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A RE-BLOG POST – Step Into Your Courageous You

A wonderful post, with your art so organic making the world go round and confidence in your poem – now that’s worth a re-blog here, Morag, merci!

Morag Noffke

IMG_20170917_143740 Growth created by Morag Noffke. Materials: spice, tumble-dryer ‘felt’, glass leaves, wool, ribbon and ink on board.


A message back…

‘Do not be afraid anymore.

You are making space –

An emerging expansion.

You are who you are,

You are enough



Wing it

Figure it out

There is no rush

To be who you are

You have the Guide

be bold and courageous

Step into your very role;

Like stepping into your jeans

So slowly claim and encourage

The You that you know yourself to be.’

This poem that I wrote to myself in response to the  exercise from Monday, 24th February: We are like two sides of a coin: creative exercise.

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A RE-BLOG POST – The Tree Remembers & How!

Trees teaches us truth and so I wish to re-blog this great post here, thank you Savvy, excellent thoughts.

Savvy Raj

The Axe Forgets
The Tree Remembers.
…African Proverb

The surging pain of the strike
The slashing that seethes the soul.
The emotions deepen the wound
Such is the exacting nature of the hurt.

But learn you must
To gradually evolve
To let go the past
To grow anew
Arise from the scars
Forget you may not
But forgive you can!

Like the barks of the tree
Although scathed and bruised
By the cuts of the axe
Growing out new branches
And blossoming into spring
Flowering in fortitude…
Strengthening the Soul
Renewing the spirit

For the Bark of a Tree …
Tells the tale of sheer grit
And strength in the grounding.

Your life’s scars are patterns
Life has drawn on you
While you held ground.

Replenish &Regenerate. Only to bloom again in time!

Be proud of who you are.
You are amazing! !


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A RE-BLOG POST – Let bygones be bygones-Fandango’s Feb expressions-9

Love the expression ” be the artist of your life.” This is a great re-blog to encourage anyone, thank you!

Beauty lies within yourself

Life is like any empty book

Where each day we write our own destiny,

Only book whose pages cannot be turned.

So forget what happened in past

As each day is a new day.

Rather than being the prisoner of your past,

Be the artist of your life,

And fill your life with beautiful colours of

Love, Hope, Happiness and Warmth.

Open your arms for all.

Let bygones be bygones.


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A RE-BLOG POST – Everyday!!

The simplest things in life are the best and this post is so worthy of another glance here…Love to share your expressions.

Beauty lies within yourself

Beauty of every morning is that it gives you an opportunity to:

GROW as a person EVERYDAY.

LEARN to see goodness around you EVERYDAY.

KINDNESS be your perspective EVERYDAY.

LEARN through experience should be EVERYDAY goal.

LOVE and SMILEEVERYDAY as one inhales oxygen.

Be STRONG enough to fight for EVERYDAY survival.


Some day may go rough and some day may go smooth.

In this process don’t forget to polish yourself as an individual.

We need to open our heart as wide as sky.

Don’t forget to thank Mother EARTH EVERYDAY,

For a soulful place given to live in.

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