A RE-BLOG POST Unbelievable is Nature…………

You did not miss one blessed aspect of nature in this post, so I am happy to re-blog it it for others to delight in, merci beaucoup!

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Unbelievable Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Sitting in wonder at the promenade

Watching stars dancing in a cluster

Twinkling, giving beams of light

Bursting organdie sunsets in flames of fire

Honey covered twilight

Flowing in its rhythmic tunes

Clouds turning into cotton pillows

Time to take a sweet nap

Golden rays shining as yellow hues

Upon the silvery waves

Creating ripples along the way

A cool breeze gently rolling by

Birds fast asleep in their branches

Not a noise from the rustling leaves

Night approaches shyly and timidly

In all her pretty dimpled boots

Halogen lights shining a shade better

A Mystical feeling of quietness

Pervades in the freshness of spring

A charming verse upon my lips

Unbelievable is nature

And I bow to its beauty and imagination…………..

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A RE-BLOG POST Life is like making a hot cup of Tea………..

Your thoughtful words take me as to a special mental retreat, special to re-blog here for others to enjoy as well, Merci!

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

tea cup, vintage tea cup, tea, cup, vintage, drink, teacup, hot, english,  afternoon, spoon | Pikist

Life is like making a hot cup of tea

Boil your Ego over a slow flame

Evaporate your Worries

Dilute your Sorrows

Filter your Mistakes

Stir your mental Hatreds

Throw your Jealousies to the wind

Stop focusing on the negatives

Instead get a taste of Happiness

By stirring Sugars of Love

Adding Milk of Cheerfulness

Mixing tea leaves of Hope

Being Grateful to Life

Beautiful moments of Serenity

Radiating abundance and beauty

Pouring hot tea of Blessings

In pretty cups of Chinaware

Smelling the rich Warmness

Within hearts full of Joy………………………

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A REBLOG POST True meaning of What Life is all About?

This is a fabulous life lesson story that I wish to share it here for others to enjoy, thanks Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Life is all about balance... | Quotes & Writings by rakesh raki | YourQuote

When I woke up this morning, I asked myself, ‘What is Life all about?’ I never realized it but I found the answer in my room only:

The Fan said, ‘Be Cool.’ There is no need to be worried or agitated.  Life is very simple and easy going. Appreciate every minute of it. I am here giving you peace and relaxation.

The Ceiling then said, ‘Aim Higher.’ Take up challenges that come your way and be assertive and confident. Be in the company of people who encourage you. Trust yourself in me and all will be good.

The Window too said, ‘See the wonderful world’. Always wear a beautiful smile of joy and happiness on your face and see the world from a different perspective. Reflect before you act. I will redirect you towards your goal.

The Clock chimed and said, ‘Every minute is precious.’ Once you…

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A RE-BLOG POST Little Acts of Kindness……..

Such a wonderful post, kindness is loving, and happy to re-blog it here.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS DAY - February 17, 2022 | National Today

Little Acts of Kindness makes a better world for all of us to live peacefully, happily and abundantly with one and all.No act of Kindness however small is ever wasted.

Kindness is another word for Love, Caring and Giving. Do little acts of kindness without any fear. Be Loving and Kind to each and everyone.

Human nature is itself Kindness and it is such a pleasing word to the ear.  It comforts the giver and the receiver.

Kindness is an act of showing affection, consideration and care.  Things which you have in excess you can always share with the less fortunate ones. They will thank you abundantly.

No one has ever become poor in their hearts by giving. The pleasure you get in seeing beaming smiles on their faces makes your day.  Show kindness to all living beings.

Kindness is exhibited when you…

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A RE-BLOG POST The Picture Entire

Thank you, Daryl, this poem encourages to be open to mind and heart for each brand new day, so well articulated that I must showcase it here.


Before me this morning
Horizons’ beauty
Dark clouds and light
Which will I see?

Perhaps it’ll rain
Or clouds pass away
Prepare now my soul
To be either way

Be not of the focus
Of worry pursue
A prayer now of being
Of the greater view

Will of accepting
The picture, entire
The masterpiece of
The journey of higher

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