Hot Summer Day in Tuscany, Italy

I declare, I was made for traveling.  Barring these past two years, I love visiting new places and experiencing different cultures and customs.  This time around my Beloved and moi yearn to forge into freedom away from home, taking our two pets and discovering where God loves different people in new places.  I’m so anxious to get on the road and see how God will open our heart and mind to exhilarating unfamiliarity.

Hearing my spouse say, “Now, now, grasshopper, be patient a little while longer!”  Okay, dear…and Lord have mercy!

“Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom.  The Twelve were with him.”

–Luke 8:1

P.S.  Have you been following the TV show called “The Chosen?”


Seagrapes by Claire Wally

It was a balmy day to celebrate Mabel’s birthday as the family gathered around for a picnic.  Naturally, we all hugged each other since we hadn’t seen the family for over a year.  The menfolk hovered the grills to cook and the women chatted fearlessly, everyone was happy to be free together.  There was a lady there whom I had not seen before thanking God for the miracles he had bestowed on her recently.  Gladly, that brought me into the conversation to bolster her testimony, though she had some regrets that were still weighing her down…then as a jolt the Holy Spirit descended upon us…and these words came forth:

“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loose in heaven.”  –Matthew 18

We prayed this promise over her and she was released of all those burdens.  That was a holy moment that God is.

Honesty, humor and laughter is medicine to the bone.  Every day we can participate with the Spirit to become God’s testimony, because He has our best interest at heart. This begs the question, have you talked about what God has done for you in life lately?


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I heard about a prophesy at hand…

“The earth shakes at the trumpet sound,

At the mountain falling down, islands shaking

Do you hear the the trumpet sound?

With abundance of rain, comes great wealth, especially for the children,

Do you hear the sound of thunder?

That will shake the buildings,

The earth shakes victory 2021.”

I sense around me a cry for freedom, do you?


Quote Image from Bing

Since December 30th when I injured my left leg, lengthy has been my time to ponder over the meaning of happiness. I can go walking 30 minutes at a time and hope by the end of March my wound will be totally sealed.  A grateful patient, I’ve learned to accept temporarily doing without normal activities, assisted by the loving care of my husband and thanking God more fervently for all my blessings.  This is what I see looking into the mirror.

“Today is holy to the Lord your God…for rejoicing in the Lord must be your strength.”

–Nehemiah 8:9-10


Flowers by Henri Matisse


Kissing The Past Goodbye – is reflected in the wise story of Ruth where Naomi and her daughters-in-law all lost their husbands.  In faith Ruth followed her mother-in-law Naomi to Bethlehem while Orpah went another road.  The two women kissed their past goodbye while Orpha clung to bitter memories.

With my Maman’s heavenly help, I have kissed the past goodbye, because God foresaw all those closed doors.  Now is the time to embrace God’s ‘perfect’ spirit of life.  The winds of March will soon blow into Spring…where a  higher calling for happiness awaits.

May this bouquet delight your senses and spring you on a refreshing vibrant path…and Happy celestial birthday, Maman Cherie!


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It’s up to you and me to choose any moment to start fresh.  A friend reminded me about this when she said:

“Your words always weave a web of exhilaration.  Words matter so much.  Yes, there is so much to rejoice over.  We must look for it and savor it.”

–Sharon Graham

As we approach the last week in January, let us reflect on the words we think, speak and write about.

Be loving!  Even though loving our enemies is a tall order, but we must try.