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A friendship does not have to be perfect to be appreciated.

–yours truly

A recent conversation with a longtime friend gives me this hope.  Once we were close prayer partners, then politics, the virus and the jab happened causing a great gap.  Now that I lean towards the prophetic voices of God’s prophets the gap has flared up.

But, I am not discouraged.  Even if some things are best left unsaid, we are truthful about each other’s progression in life and can still appreciate one another.  That is good enough for me.


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Yesterday I discovered a fiery red leaf on the pavement.  An instant beauty blown down by the wind.  I’m looking at it now with these thoughts.

Any shade of red fires up my senses.  I love wearing red lipstick, the sweet taste of watermelon juice, even the robust sip of a Shiraz wine.  But this red leaf also reminds me of the blood Jesus shed for me, for everyone, that I may, we, may enter into immortality on a final day. I’m placing the leaf in my journal as its blood orange color has quickly turned speckled brown…a moment captured in time.


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Unbelievable is this caravan of people toppled one over another.  A definite migration crisis.  I wonder what restless battle is raging in each of their minds?

Waiting for Hope is everywhere.  The United States of America is in crisis just like the rest of the world.  Our planet has never been so distraught.  It reminds me of the French Revolution against the frivolities of the Kings of France and why the populace overturned that system and replaced with what they they thought would bring  “Enlightenment.”    It did not, instead, it founded socialism and communism — which is the culprit today for all societies.  My French relatives regret letting this happen in our motherland.

God so loves the world, that He is fighting this battle of good versus evil for all of us.  We have the Prophets to steer us on the correct path and they assure us that we will no longer be deceived by the evil one…he will be cut down.

“This day belongs to the Lord!  Let us celebrate and be glad today.”

–Psalm 118:24

May your weekend be victorious.

I say, Rejoice!


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A Dandelion Story

The light drizzle of rain was continuous for 5 days, keeping me at the windowsill dreaming of all the things I could do outdoors.  Finally out of grey clouds came sunshine to perk up my slumber.

“Come on, Coco-Ranger and Lema, let’s go for a ride in the countryside.”

With their leashes in hand off we went searching for adventure.  Thirty minutes out with a slow turn here and there led us to an abandoned property.  Its caved-in front porch was overgrown with ivy and weeds.  As I led my dogs out their hunting senses pulled me in opposite directions down the buckled up and cracked driveway where bunches of dandelions fanned their bright petals towards the sky.

Imagining, this property must have been beautifully kept at one time.  Why else would these heavenly dandelions be flourishing so on this vacant spot?  They were thriving in between cement patches.

How does this happen?  But, by a glimpse from heaven recalling beauty and laughter coming from a house that once was filled with love.

“Okay, guys, let’s go home.  Now I have a dandelion story to post.”


Aerial View of Algeria

This aerial image reminds me of a kind and friendly Algerian couple who lived next door to us in Poitiers, France.  The man was a farmer who volunteered to grow a garden for us and his wife introduced us to Algerian cuisine.  Fond are these memories of this generous couple and learning how to cook lamb with couscous and root vegetables.

This land so burdened by French colonialism for 132 years, now is warring with its neighbor Morocco over the Western Sahara and wild forest fires.

Please, Lord, mete out reconciliation and peace in North Africa.