With each morning glory I think about doing something good, just something thoughtful…because yesterday I recognized having lost a potential friend whose life is so broken and nothing I have kindly done towards that person can change the situation.  I followed Mother Teresa’s calling, gave my best but it wasn’t enough, so it’s time to “let go and let God.” He will do his holy will.  Thank you Lord for this holy encounter.


Holy grace sustains

with each day’s unfolding love

to glow from inside out


“The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow.  Do good anyway.  Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough.  Give your best anyway.  For you see, in the end, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them.”

–Saint Teresa of Calcutta




Off we went with our doggies to visit Lake Eufaula in Alabama for Labor Day weekend. Our hotel was perched on the river bank and had a convenient trail for us to walk Lema and Coco-Ranger. As dusk approached we discovered a lonely grave marker nearby this unusual cross.  Then a car approached.  The man walked over to the cross embracing it with cries of “my God, my Lord.”  The woman got out of the car and wrapped her arms around him.

We cherished this sacred moment in silence and returned to our room where…only to realize that my tennis bracelet had broken off my wrist laying on the carpet, probably  wrangling the leash with Ranger.  It could have happened on our numerous walks outdoors.  WOW!  Indeed another providential moment.

My afterthoughts of this wonderful getaway – God is always with us wherever we go, ever generous.  His goodness is why I share this heartwarming story of the couple at the cross by the lake.


Whimsical Painting by Henri Matisse


While perusing for catchy art to inspire writing, this Fauvisim fish bowl struck a cord with my essence of long ago while a song was playing in the background saying:  “I’m not what I used to be…”

A victorious flashback –  On a cold March day I had decided to break up a relationship that was going nowhere.  Don’t come back, I told him, but he did.  As he approached me I begged God to break the shackles crushing my heart.  As he placed his hands on my shoulder, I immediately felt freed from him as if he was a stranger I never knew…he never came back.

Seeing these fish swim around such a small bowl reminds me of the miracle I received so many moons ago.  Going around endless circles until I began to pray for help and stepped out of darkness.

Thank God!  I’m not was I used to be – This refrain completes this post:

If what you are doing now offends God – stop it!

If the person you associate with keeps you from God – leave!

If you are in a dangerous place – run from it!


if a thing, person or place draws you closer to God – keep it going!

It’s taking you into your holy realm.

…seven months later God’s goodness led me to my Beloved husband…

sincerely, yourscribeforlove



Photo by Antonella Riviello


Feeling the freshness of September impresses my mind to write about ‘goodness.’  I trust that you join me in the dialogue.  My initial thoughts:

Goodness resides in every creature

Goodness gives and preserves the fruits of the earth

(despite the increase of storms to come)

Goodness provides a helping hand to the needy

Goodness promotes prosperity and peace for all


“Goodness is a decision, a rendering act of mercy.”  –yours truly


As a first step, I’ve decided to give away many books to local church libraries; that certainly will declutter my bookshelves…and encourage new readings…

What sort of goodness from the abundance of your life can you lend this September?



Writing class in session – A table with 10 different objects is displayed before us.  The assignment is to pick and write about what it inspires in you.  I chose the unusually sculptured brass bell, its sound solid as it echoes me to ‘ring my bell’ fashioned by God.  This bell reminds me of all the curvatures my journey has shaped me to be.  Having experienced many cultures spark my eclectic style, almost like a gypsy embracing new things  to incorporate into my world.  The excitement of constant change brings out my various passions.  My creativity flows with the ringing of the bell, dancing with a joyous love that comes from above.  And if I had wings, I would fly into the heavens and thank God and all my ancestors for the talents they have passed along to me.

Yes! I’m ringing my bell – in gratitude for everything and everyone around me…so free to be free!


Now, you see how much fun I have in this writing class.  Why not try out this challenge with a random object in front of you and see where the storyline will take you.  I would love to read your story!


Photograph by Rodney Lough Jr.


August is about to fall into September.  Time to set new goals – time to plant new seeds of thought – time to rustle in leaves – time to pick blueberries and pickle the last harvest.  In the blink of an eye, the earth and air will change.  Are you ready?  I am.

Your good presence here keeps my creative spirit flowing.  Merci Beaucoup!

sincerely, yourscribeforlove