A Glimpse About Storytelling

Storytelling began with humanity – The question still exists:  How to live with our human limitations and powerlessness?

Here are some notable thoughts about storytelling:

Maggid of Mezritch said:  “Master of the Universe, listen!  I do not know how to light the fire, but I am still able to pray.”

As time goes on, storytelling is diluted and so do the questions of spirituality.  Today, people salivate for the glaring news that display all its horrible problems.  In searching for instant gratification, people forget to be patient with the mysteries of life.

Bill Wilson said:  “We must find some spiritual basis for living, or else we die.”

Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham said:  “We also should acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers.”

Lao-Tzu said:  “Those who know do not say, those who say do not know.”

Thank Goodness! for Truth, Beauty and Wisdom; Love and Spirituality are all a state of being, and words sometimes can fail us.  As Joseph Conrad said:  “Words are the great foes of reality.”

Storytelling awakens the imagination to live with the imperfections of life.

Psalms 70 pleads:  “O Lord come to my assistance, O Lord make haste to help me.”

Jean-Paul Sartre said:  “Man is the creature who wants to be God.”

Meister Eckhart said:  “God is closer to sinners than to saints.”

Like air and wind, Spirituality fetches beyond ordinary existence; is virtuous and loving.

Saint Francis called it “Lady Poverty and living without property and never getting upset by anything that anybody has.”

Thanks Be To God!

…for the art of writing which continues the noble storyline of humanity…

…and the joy that writing gives me every day…





The sky opens wide

Curving cypresses looming below breathing divine air

So many, two by two, airy silhouettes happily crisscrossing each other’s paths

Who are you?  My family? ancestors? friends?

there is a serene peace all around

then angelic hosts burst forth as powder puffs

O Holy Spirit, help me to understand

might this be like heaven?


I’d like to think so…what a sweet vision…

What are your notions of what heaven might be like???


Wishing on a Star Image by EcoSeasons


I am staring at this dreary, frigid day detecting a stirring in my heart to contemplate…on what?  For sure missing the bright warm sunshine…the Creator has set the tone.  In reading this and that, the question pops up – when did I first encounter God?  That’s easy to answer…He was in my childhood everywhere and in everything I lived through in Europe in the varying cultures edified by history, art and architecture.

As I grew older my inklings changed as I faced evil – the sins of the world – to which I had become an accomplice.  Yet I realized a force beyond me was manifesting from my trials.  The Star of Bethlehem twinkled above me and I discovered Christ.

Jesus said to the Leper:  If you want, I can make you clean.


Can you recall your first encounter with God?

Are you stumbling through darkness?

Jesus never runs away from any of us – no matter the circumstances!

I conclude that on any dreary day, God can be found to give us healing and peace.

May God Bless You!




These flowering Kale are just for you!


Nothing comes easy after breaking a bone

Range of movements are now gratefully measured

Overcoming minute challenges daily

Savoring each grace moment of life

Keeping things simple keeps humble

God’s overwhelming protection abounds…


I offer this inspiration for any one caught in the blues, distraught, afraid or suffering

sending a prayer…be my bravehearts!


The Lascaux Caves, Montignac, France


In my search for famous black paintings, this 17,300 year old fresco jolted my childhood memories in seeing this rare image.

The discovery took place on September 12, 1940 when 4 young boys playing in nearby caves fell in a foxhole to rescue their dog.

Scientists conclude that the wild animals are outlined in thick black paint blown through a tube and brushed with animal hairs.

Black is indeed the most powerful hue used in paintings.


FASTING (Modified)

The Gray Man by Paul Klee


During the holidays, I have been reading a book entitled “Writing Down the Bones” written by Natalie Goldberg, which excites my writing  ‘off the cuff.’  As Natalie puts it, the challenge here is to avoid ‘the abstract;’ briefly write what comes to mind and ‘detail the real stuff.’  Hope you enjoy this challenge-which may be just the fresh start anyone can write about in this New Year!

Starting tomorrow, I will begin a fast

from rising to noon for 30 days

surely my body and senses will revolt

but afterwards sensing a good outcome in my bones

I will be better for it!

…that’s the secret power of fasting…