A RE-BLOG POST – My Heart is a Waiting Basket……….

Awesome, Kamal.  Aren’t we getting better at collaborating our creativity! That encourages me so much…must re-blog this to thank you!  And I must credit my Delight Sharon for the ‘waiting basket” theme.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

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My wonderful friend, Zaza from scribeforlove blog has written enchanting three verses on My Heart is a Waiting Basket and I have again thought of continuing her verses into a poem that is penned below:

My heart is a waiting basket

Open to receive

More and more sweet love

From birds singing cheerfully

Flowers dancing in early bloom

The wind that teases my basket

Scattering little red hearts of delight

As beautiful confetti’s

Making someone’s heart happy

Bursting with joy and happiness

Take as many heart’s as you want

They are all waiting eagerly

To be picked up unconditionally

For all the people who love

And make life more wonderful

Do not feel nervous or worried

Give happily and merrily

This basket of playful Heart’s

Is waiting forever

To share the gift of Love

With a smile and kind words

With beautiful Souls who are always around…………..

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A RE-BLOG POST – The Beauty of Silence

Dear Zena, my sentiments exactly. So happy to be reconnected with you and your wonderful writing; too good and worthy of a re-blog here, Merci!

Words And Visions

when you find someone you can comfortably share silence with,
just sit there, hang around,
not speak a word,
and still feel connected with,
then you must understand that you’ve found a rare.
cherish it.
respect it.
embrace it.
not everyone can resonate with you when you’re silent.
so if you find someone who matches your frequency when you’re not vocal,
know that you’ve found something utterly, unexplainably magical.

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A RE-BLOG POST – Capturing Beauty………

I love the way you amplify my creativity such as this poem and art  depict, so worthy of a re-blog here. Merci! Kamal,

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

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My beautiful friend, Zaza from scribeforlove blog has written enchanting three verses on Capturing Beauty and I loved them so much I continued and added few more verses. The poem goes like this:

Saturate in Grace

Quickly fills emptiness

Beauty and joy abound

In her enchanting loveliness

I that am dancing joyously

Whirling and serenading

In this gorgeous panorama

Deep in my mystical thoughts

Sashaying on tip toes

Lest I awake my petite friends

From their deep slumber.

I sit quietly besides the lake

With its shimmering golden glow

Light breeze swaying the tree tops

Hearing beautiful humming of the bees

The fluttering of the butterflies

Flying through the vibrant colours

The fragrance hidden beneath the roses.

He who is sitting beside me

With his loving arms around me

Touching every core of my being

I gaze and see his tender care

Capturing this moment of beauty

In all her…

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Winter Journey by Ken Kiff

My heart stirs when I see Ken Kiff’s use of bold contrasting colors that paint a profound message.

Free Verse

Like a fiery volcano, the red pinnacle gushes forth God’s unrelenting Love

Like a deep mine, blackness ignites His mystery

Like seaweed brushing over sand, the putrid green of sin stains

But Like a cheerful daisy, yellow paves a path for redemption

And a budding tree rebirths humanity