A RE-BLOG POST – Daisy in the Forest

Daryl, my sentiments exactly, so well articulated that I wish to re-blog here, thanks so much for the delightful daisy.


Upon a walk
A blessed sight
A holy breath
Of sacred light

A streaming ray
Shone from above
Through forest thick
Of touching love

Its destination
Now be known
Upon the ground
A daisy shown

This grand display
Why should it be
In beauty blessed
That God loves me

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Art by Jane Small

Here is Kamal’s (Boundlessblessings.blog) I Am From Poem:

I am from Him

Who has created Me from Himself

and My Soul is One with Him


…I say, terrific!

I Am From

I am from the Potter’s craft

with the choice to become one in Him,

From clay He fashioned my bones and flesh

a wondering mind of desires, yet full of temptations to falter.

I am on this journey amazed by surprises and disappointments,

yet given all the love and forgiveness I need

to return to the Potter’s hands

that wash me clean for eternity.

I am writing in thanksgiving for my life!


I highly recommend you compose such a poem about yourself (just Google it).  You will quickly discover so much about your essence, as I have in writing several versions to witness my transformation over time…Enjoy!

A RE-BLOG POST – There Is Always A Sunshine After The Stormy Rain………

Kamal, this positive message will reassure the world that Hope is greater than fear, worthy of a re-blog here, so thank you for this excellent poem.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Image result for images of there will always be sunshine after the stormy rain

Whatever your ailments

Whatever your pain

There is always a beautiful sunshine

After the stormy rain

Perhaps you may stumble

Perhaps you may even fail

But God is always ready

To answer your ardent call

He knows every heartache

He sees every tear that falls

But a Kind word from his lips

Can calm every fear that comes your way

Your sorrows may linger

Through the dark sleepless night

But it can suddenly vanish

In dawn’s early magical light

He sends down his angels

To shower you with His Love and Grace

Do not Worry, Be always Happy

Leave everything to Me, He says

Rejoice in my Joyousness

All is a short-lived Phase

There is always a Sunshine

 After the stormy Rain…………………………..

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A RE-BLOG POST – Presence of Eternity

What a serene and positive way to describe the lull the world is in now, so worthy of a re-blog here, thanks, Daryl.


We can feel Presence
In a Church, empty
In a mountain forest
Or sunsets’ beauty

In soaking of silence
We become aware
One of the Presence
Of eternity, here

God all around us
This silence allows
Aware in the stillness
His Presence, right now

In silence of stillness
Our senses affected
Eternity’s presence
That all is connected

Brought to our senses
In silence, surround
For in the stillness
Our true home is found

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A RE-BLOG POST – A Gentle Reminder

Thank you, Daryl, for such a gentle reminder for urging more prayers during this virus spread and so worthy of a re-blog here.


Schedules are calling
This day to begin
Sunrise is dawning
Pause, soak it in

A gentle reminder
Found in the glow
Of greater perspective
Of God here to know

Of light to be with you
Throughout this day
That His gift of love
Is just one thought away

Let us receive it
Right now and right here
Of soaking within
In a binding prayer

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