A RE-BLOG POST Dainty flowers dancing beautifully……………

How you captured everything that the word ‘dainty’ contains, and happy to re-blog this post now, thanks dear One.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

I see fresh dainty Flowers dancing beautifully in the wind

Merging in petals pastel ecstasy

Unfolding prettily as tulips, cherries, daffodils,

Sunflowers, roses or lavenders

Wrapped in delicate corals, reds or pinks

In wooded greens, in gardens dancing freely on tiptoes

A coat of rainbow’s musical hymn

Wind blowing them upon my skin

And sunshine reflected in my hair

I find delight in their scented smells

Gazing at the falling flowers,I long to see a flower pure

And wish to reach the sky azure

Every moment is a priceless joy

With my sling bag in tow, singing a merry song

I love to run wild with the whistling winds

Among the healing greens that I call home

And with my spirits full of excitement

I walk with the dainty flowers in the wind………………

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A RE-BLOG POST No Room at the “Inn”

This Christmas poem caresses my heart, so a re-blog here is a given, thanks Daryl, and bless you this holy season.


Here’s a thought to ponder
To let us dwell within
The bible only tells us
“There’s no room at the inn”

The Greek word “kataluma”
Was “inn” that we assume
But the real meaning
Is that of a “guest room”

Houses in Judea
Had a second floor
The family in the main room
Another for guests, more

On the lower level
Their animals they kept
Keeping them protected
And warmth for when they slept

Joseph had some relatives
In Bethlehem, presume
Chances they we welcomed
And stayed in their guest room

And “while they were there”
For birth of the baby
They went to the first floor
For some privacy

There, placed in a manger
On a bed of straw
Still in the humble setting
Is born our sense of awe


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A RE-BLOG POST Beautiful Dreamer………..

How did I miss this post of yours, dear Kamal, it brings me joy…Christmas joy, so Merci beaucoup!

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Beautiful dreamer, wake up and see

Come in tune without reservations

His love is waiting for thee

Sufferings of the rude world felt in the day

Lulled by His love-light will soon pass away

Beautiful dreamer, sleep off your fears

Let go the past and dry up your tears

Everlasting Now is a priceless pearl

He sends his Love for a reason

Not for just a day, but for all seasons

Beautiful dreamer, rise and shine

Thoughts of a new world are waiting for thee

Sounds from His Silence will ring in your heart

And dawn will herald the song of the lark

Beautiful dreamer, please join me in my song……..

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A RE-BLOG POST Dance…………………..

Such a lively poem of love wrapped in dance that makes the heart sing, for sure a re-blog here, thanks much dear Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

It is with your feet that you move

But it is with your heart that you dance

Dance to the rhythm of glory

Dance with the daffodils, the roses, the tulips

Sing to your heart’s glory

Be free like a winged bird

Dance till you become dizzy and fall asunder

Let no one disturb you on the brooks

Tap your feet in style, in a twirl, in a twist

Enjoy the thrill and thraldom of dancing

Your heart is crying with joy and happiness

Dance in the wilderness in skirts of pinks

Dance like a ballerina on tippy toes

Dance and dance till you drop

In the arms of your Beloved………………………

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A RE-BLOG POST – St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Edith’s life’s gives me great courage, as you aptly describe, and worthy of a re-blog here, thanks, Daryl.


When night comes, and you look
Back on this day within
You see how fragmentary
Everything has been

And how much you planned
That has gone undone
And all of the reasons
You have one by one

Embarrassed and ashamed
Take everything so grim
Put it in God’s hands
And leave with Him

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A RE-BLOG POST In Silence Consumed

Beautiful, holy, like a prayer offering for each day, thanks Daryl, for this inspiring poem.


The light is blessed
From sun to earth
As silence warms
The seed is birthed

The mouth is fed
To stomach sent
In silence filled
With nourishment

The word is read
From mind to heart
In silence soaked
Wisdom impart

When heaven’s door
Opens above
In silence be
Consumed in love

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