“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.”

–Bern Williams

Poetry comes into motion

When the window into your garden

Floods your mind with melodious sounds

And scents of flowers tickle your nose

Everything is blooming, even your thoughts

As you quickly jot them on paper

Words cajoling to delight your emotions

Poetry in motion.

“Spring is God’s way of saying, ‘One More Time!”

–Robert Orben

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A RE-BLOG POST Not in pieces

This is such a lovely message of hope for peace so needed today, thank you, Isabella.


Your peace is not in pieces

It is a calmness that forever pleases

Your garment of stillness is a quilt of gratitude

A praise that is an attitude

You are immaculate beyond comprehension,

and did I mention without pretension

My Love you are the truth and the root of my existence&

peace without resistance

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A RE-BLOG POST Rivers of love

Dear Isabella, You brighten my first post for March, Merci beaucoup!


I saw the pearls in your hand

The ones that cover the sand

In you I took cover

Until it was over

You protected me from the intruder

That could not be any ruder

With rivers of love on your face

You released me from my maze&

When I drank your tears

You conquered all fears

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A RE-BLOG POST Friendship

Amazing, your image perfectly reverberates your tender friendship poem, Thank you for this burst of color.


True friends

Send flowers

without a reason.

They call unexpectedly

Just to check in..

True friends

Hug without touching.

Love without motives.

They show up to help

Popping in on a whim

True friends

Lend shoulders to lean on.

They always seem to know

How to bring joy to a friend

Just because , they can.

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A RE-BLOG POST Created For Joy

We see these treasures alike, so I must re-blog them here, thanks Daryl.

Field of Dreams Painting by Ron Finch


Cherish our treasure
The world tries to destroy
The Word from our God
We’re created for joy

A choice every moment
Of our attitude
Which way will we choose
Fear or gratitude

Joy of the gift
The world cannot give
The peace of our Lord
To eternally live

Don’t let the world shame you
Forgiveness, embrace
Our joy to receive
His unending grace

You are My beloved
This truth to hold dear
Bring joy to the world
Through His treasures to share

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Such gorgeous roses to give out in February alongside your special poem, which I wish to re-blog here, Merci! Isabella.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Peace I have been told

Is about to unfold

Peace of untold proportions

Peace without distortions

Silence without a void

Sound without a noise

In its richness you are found

Safe and sound

A fullness is complete

&words are obsolete

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