A RE-BLOG POST Be Jolly and Fancy Free……….

Perfect thoughts to make anyone do a happy dance, worthy of a re-blog, thanks Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

How to Get Happy Again: 7 Habits of Joyful & Happy People - Made You Smile  Back

Be jolly and fancy free

Go for an early morning walk

Get some fresh air, try to smile like crazy

Say something kind and exchange pleasantries

To a safe-looking stranger, if one happens by

Always exercise your heart’s knowing

Along this beautiful path

Take your spouse or lover into your arms

The way you did when you first met

Let tenderness pour from your soft eyes

The way the Sun gazes warmly on the earth

Play a game of fun with small toddlers

Extend your warmth and hugs to a friend

Sing a few jingle songs to your pets and plants

And let them too get drunk and wild

In their wildest imaginations

Let’s cheer together with red wineand whiskey

To the whole mad World that has gone astray

We are all One Loving, Happy family

Let us all dance and sing along

Merry and funky sweet tunes

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A RE-BLOG POST My Swan-song

Your beautiful swan song will rattle this fallen world…Yassy, yea!


Gold sun rising 
Echo of warmth
On the wings of birds
Drawing the deepest breaths
Fragrant harmony plush
In the pulse of blooms

I see the sunflowers turn to the ultramarine
Creaming the air
A coagulation of hues
As flowers burn hot on the horizon
Whisper of petals reveal the rapture of forgotten fantasies
Rolling into the heartbeat of time

Rain forged clouds stir the ether
Smelling like sanctity
The mystics of sensitive wisdom

I fall in love with the universe again

Its like seeing the inside of a raindrop

My swan song is a whimsy wanderlust

Blue ~ my ink
I daydream into my page.

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A RE-BLOG POST This is How I See You………

Sensitively attractive, worthy of a re-blog here, Merci mon Amie.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

53 Beautiful Quotes - Inspirational Words of Wisdom

This is how I see you

Beautiful love of my Life

You and Me dancing on wings of love

On the twirl of pretty tulips

In the fluffy white clouds

Creating magical moments of bliss

In two happy souls riding on wavesof love

In the oceanic splendor of time

Vibrant and full of life

With the sweet singing of birds

Flapping wings of joy to open skies

In the gentle springs of time

With Flowers blooming in meadows green

In the tiny hands cherished with care

In the arms of lovers ecstasy

Hearts full of love and delight

Underneath it all sweet beauty flows

In One lovely Heart’s embrace

Enveloped in a Circle of Love

Beating joyously in One and All

A magnificent expression of Life

This is how I see you in all of us

Beautiful love of my Life……………………

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Impeccable! So worthy of a re-blog here, Isabella, Merci!



You are part of a dream of mine

Yes, you

&like you it is one a kind

It just is

What I call bliss

Love without a scheme

A shining beam

The pearl of my dream

No fabricated reality

or distorted normality

One without a seam

No scheme or night

Oh so bright and pleasant to our sight

“Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

1 John 4:8

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What a beautiful poem to receive the freshness of a new week of life, so worthy to re-blog here for others to enjoy, Thank you, Daryl.


Bring me to this moment
The soul to be aware
To be fully present
Right now, and right here

Bring me to my senses
To taste and feel and see
Of the abundant ways
That God is blessing me

Bring me to be grateful
For nothing I deserve
Let joy fill my heart
A turn to go and serve

Bring me to be humble
With His gifts to share
Reflection of His love
Shining everywhere

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