Creation by Monique van Wyk

If you keep your eyes on the heavens, there you will find Love planted everywhere.

Poem by Jamie Lash

Stay, stay, I love you this way.

Resting in My Love, and hearing from above.

Stay, stay, I love you this way.

There’s more that I have yet to say.

On this happy note, I wish to congratulate everyone who will engage in Love through…

Baptism, Marriage, Anniversary, Birthday and Graduation!

…This month and throughout the year…


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POETRY By Father Elias Friedman, OCD

Doves in the Courtyard

“They stop breathing, as they eye

my shadow, this side the window-pane,

though I meant real well by them,

scattering good bread and meal.

“I leave their world to start my day,

they murmuring mild antiphons,

to turn to man’s, of groan and grief

and healings of the Holy Spirit.”

These doves replicate the quails that feed early before the sun rises on the back deck, then quickly take flight as they feel my presence.


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“Each morn through dazzled window

Anew, the sun above

In bursting, blazing splendor

Surprise me with your love.

“Descending over chaos

An eagle, then a dove

Forth-bringing, powering, filling

Surprise me with your love.

For sunburst, friendship, mercy

In life’s design now wove–

Fresh virgin gifts forever new–

Surprise me with your love.

When my life is done

I’ll wend my way above

Sin-scarred and empty-handed, then

Surprise me with your love.”

–Father James Geoghegan, OCD

“Only for today, I will be happy in the certainty that I was created to be happy, not only in the other world but also in this one.”

–The Decalogue, Pope John XXIII


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This post is wonderfully embellished by Kamal’s comment to this poem.

“I am the One you are always searching, I am Love and Light in all its magical Oneness.”


The trail is bleak on both sides

I follow the light in the purple sky

Night creatures advance on me like nightmares, but keep walking.

Things invisible float above me

Then I hear a whisper, come my child

be still and revel in my light.


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POEM By T. J. Farr

Second Chance

If we might have a second chance

to live the days once more,

And rectify mistakes we’ve made

to even up the score;

If we might have a second chance

to use the knowledge gained,

Perhaps we might become at last

as fine as God ordained.

But though we can’t retrace our steps

however stands the score,

Tomorrow brings another chance

for us to try once more.

I found this poem in one of my books as I was decluttering the bookshelves…another chance to try…