A RE-BLOG POST -When tears will hold water

Poetically superb, ready for a re-blog here, Merci Isabella.


We are not floating in compassion yet

Still no need to fret in our compassion debt

One day our tears will hold water

In a new quarter

No longer kept at bay

Ending that needle in the hay

Stacked against us

Throwing us under the bus

Light a new form of transportation

Complete and utter restoration

No more boast in a boat

That will more than float

Love will gracefully deliver

A brand new river

The lion of Judah’s roar will become like an oar

Rowing us safely to the sure,

the new and oh so true;

I love You

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A RE-BLOG POST I was created for Joy………….

O, that virtue, Joy, is pressing into my heart these special days, and you write about it so well, thanks my dear Friend, worthy of a re-blog post here for everyone to receive — Joy!

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Word Joy created with brightly colored knitting yard on fabric background  Stock Photo - Alamy

O! Sacred One

I sometimes forget

That I was created for joy

My mind is too busy

My heart is too heavy

Heavy for me to remember

That I have been called to dance

The sacred dance for life

I was created to smile, to love

To be lifted upwith high spirits

And lift my fellowmen up

O! Sacred one

Untangle my feet

From all that ensnares me

Free my beautiful Soul

That we might dance

The dance of flawless crystals

And that our infectious dancing

Might be contagious to one and all

As I was created only for Joy……………………

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A RE-BLOG POST What is a Blessing?

This post caresses the meaning of being thankful, that I wish to re-blog it here for others to enjoy, Thanks, Daryl.


What is a blessing?
But a share of
A taste of heaven
A gift of Gods’ love

Of nothing deserved
But one of pure grace
Let us receive it
With a grateful embrace

A treasure to cherish
Shared in many ways
If we are aware
We will be amazed!

Just a reminder
Of this message true
As a child of God
You’re a blessing too!

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A Pexels

Poem by Thomas Troeger

A spendthrift lover is the Lord

who never counts the cost

or asks if heaven can afford

to woo a world that’s lost.

Our lover tosses coins of gold

across the midnight skies

and stokes the sun against the cold

to warm us when we rise.

Still more is spent in blood and tears

to win the human heart,

to overcome the violent fears

that drive the world apart.

How shall we love this heart-strong God

who gives us everything,

whose ways to us are strange and odd,

what can we give or bring?

Acceptance of the matchless gift

is gift enough to give.

The very act will shake and shift

the way we love and live.

Aren’t we all called to climb the mountain of life with these aspirations?

A RE-BLOG POST they trod before me

O! these special souls rejoice in being honored!  Thank you, Sharon for this sharing.

Writing Your Way Home

pilgrims, sailor, farmers.

rough, unlettered, drinkers

an old land, a new land

they left me grit, faith

love for land, even just a bit

an anchor, a place

today, this prayer

swoop them up

into Your place, love them.

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