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The Sun Shineth Again!

Life they say happens in phases. One minute you were a baby learning how to craw, and some years later you became fully capable of walking on your feet with no assistant from mama and papa. So, how did you go from crawling to walking?

Walking, though easy for us now to do as adults, was once an arduous and daunting activity. There was a point in time when we were in the phase of crawling then gradually progressed to walking. The act of walking—which we so freely do now, happened in stages.

Walking, just like most things in life, happen in phases and even with our desire to speed up some unfavourable phases, we just can’t. However, it should be comforting to know that each phase brings about lessons to be learned, memories to be told, and growth. Can you imagine your little one going straight into walking without…

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“Thinking about what people like and what they exactly like are two different things.”

–Pooja Agnihotri

With this quote in mind, a metaphor, a figure of speech, a noun, is a poetic element to embellish writing.  I learned about this many years ago in a writing class.  Here are some of my examples:

“Life is a dance; death is but a new beginning.”

“Feelings come and go, whether in sunshine or rain.”

It’s do or die; his grimace is more bitter than a squeezed lemon.”

“Our air conditioner is an old dinosaur, but it still works.”

“My sea of tears wash me pure.”

“He is the joy of my life.”

“Love conquers all things; prayer humbles and saves.”

Compared to a metaphor, a simile is easier to compose because it uses “as” or “like” in a sentence.

“My Lord is as good as it gets.”

Hope this will help you to write poetically.

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“Love recognizes no barriers.  It jumps hurdles, leaps fences and penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

–Maya Angelou

In my humble opinion, in the end, three things matter.

How much you love

How gently you live, and

How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

In the end, what three things do matter to you?

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If you celebrate a birthday on October 31, I wish you a fabulous birthday – not because its Halloween – but because it is Hallow’s Eve where all the Saints in heaven honor your life.

Unfortunately, there are those who engage in the horrors of the occult and conjure up many evil doings on this fateful night.  So fervent prayers are greatly needed.  The devil may think its his birthday, but its not because he was never born.

I hope you will see this gift of your birthday as God giving you tremendous blessings for another year.

Oddly enough on October 31, 36 years ago, God placed my Beloved and me together for the first time, so we do celebrate Hallow’s Eve in a most gracious and grateful manner…never partaking of  all the goriness of Halloween evil.