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During my weekly trek to the farmers’ market, I noticed with great surprise an array of pumpkins and squash vegetables.  I thought, a bit early, as the temperature rose to 90 degrees. Then I felt happy that all the Fall trimmings would soon cool down this heat wave.

Each season brings about wonderful changes to our environment, even within our homes.

“Exploring which feelings you want to evoke in your home helps you identify your own style.  When you embrace authenticity, inspiration follows.”

–Ginger Curtis

For now, I will linger with the waning of summertime.  My mother’s tropical plants are growing a few inches taller and the geraniums bloom lush red.  Soon enough, the weather will spur me to cook root vegetables and redesign my home to reflect the joys of Autumn…my heart will sing more.

I sincerely hope that you are having a fun summer.


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Since living in the “peachy” state of Georgia, I relish those sweet peaches.  My first batch of them was very juicy.  My next attempt is to make a peach cobbler, but for the 4th of July, here’s a refreshing cocktail to savor.

Peach Blast

In a large pitcher, combine peach and mango nectar juice with orange flavored sparkling water.  A dash of peach schnapps is optional.  Stir well and pour in glasses with a teaspoon of grenadine then add a slice of peach to each glass and enjoy!


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Today is bright full of sunshine and perfect for shifting  from winter woolies to organizing my wardrobe into flinging Spring outfits.  Let’s see, what still fits, what doesn’t that I can donate, what is too old fashion and what can I revamp into a new and fresh look?  This may sound a bit daunting to approach, but for me, it’s a delight to tackle.

Recycling and revamping can be fun to stretch your imagination and budget by creating a one-of-a-kind style that becomes your personal flair.  Dare be bold in mixing and matching different textures, colors and patterns.  And when you feel excited about how your closet finally looks, you will know you have fashioned your special niche.  So go for it.  Strut confidently in your new clothing and stroll in the beauty of Spring and Summer spreading good cheer…that’s what I am doing!


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It’s time to think ahead for celebrating Easter Sunday dinner.

How about creating a jovial centerpiece for the table?


Instead of daisies, I think tulips would be dazzling



Deviled eggs


Fancy carrot salad


Roasted leg of lamb Provençale



Strawberry cheesecake ice cream pie

What will you be preparing for your Easter celebration?


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If winter is going to last 6 more weeks, maybe this idea can spruce up the mind until spring arrives.

Mind! Stop circles of feeling blue.

Dismiss life’s bulges at every side.

Dare be open to the Holy Spirit who is so creative.

Get ready to receive something new!

Revamp any room, especially your bedroom, change the décor as simple as with a new lamp, bedspread set or wall art.

Recharge your mood.  Declutter to free up space, set your mind freed to welcome spring’s glories.

As for me, I plan to paint the stone fireplace wall in a “glistening gray’ color that will surely brighten up the living room…that is, as soon as I can stand on my healed leg–haha.

Happy weekend.