Safari Wallpaper by Alphonse Mucha


June for me is sometimes still bittersweet.  It took 35 years for destiny to reunite my mother to her beloved spouse on this day 4 years ago.

There’s no denying – I’m very wired for passionate sentiments.  I sympathize with this sultry lady above as she bows down to the bird in her hand while the other three wait for her gentle touch.  I was on the phone with the doctor when my mother expired.   Her goodbye groan jumped from my ear to my heart as if God had given me the capacity to comfort her in the last moment.  The groan was a sound I had never heard before.  Soon after the nurse sent me a photo of 3 pigeons perched on the room’s windowsill.  The Holy Trinity came to mind.

How astonishing is Mucha’s sentimental lady to encourage me to memorialize my mother with a happier sentiment – the joy of celebrating my marriage on June 4th – 32 years strong.

O, June, I will always embrace you with some bitter sweetness.


Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto


“Live peace in your hearts and in this way peace will flow from your hearts like a river into the whole world.”  –Mary speaking at Medjugorje

My lengthy visit with my Maman in February was especially grand for her birthday in 2014.  So I attended a healing Mass for her while asking for healing of black circles in my eyes.  Our Lady of Lourdes dispensed many graces as I felt a burning sensation on my face.  I rushed home to embrace my mother to share these graces with her.  Then I looked in the mirror to inspect my eyes…Lo and behold, they sparkled clear with no black circles as I saw Jesus looking back at me through my eyes.  O Divine Mercy!  have  I received.  My eyes remain healthy.

What miracle have you received lately?  Tell me!