A Provençale Creche

Christmas Eve 1818, Father Joseph Mohr wrote this remarkable Christmas carol.

Silent night, holy night!  All are sleeping; they alone are awake,

The wedded and most holy pair:

Gentle child with curly hair;

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace!

Our refuge is the Christ.  The world may entice us to buy things that cost, but they do not erase our burdens.

I sincerely wish you a holy Merry Christmas Eve,

your scribeforlove



The Feast of the Ascension is observed by certain dioceses on May 30, otherwise on the Seventh Sunday of Easter, June 2nd.

I remember well this Bethany chapel and the rose stone from which Jesus ascended back to the Father in heaven to prepare each of us a room.  Then He told his disciples to remain in Jerusalem until the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel of Luke 24


Memorial of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

“If you think the name ‘Jesus’ continually, it purges your sin and kindles your heart; it clarifies your soul, it removes anger and does away with slowness.  It wounds in love and fulfills charity.  It chases the devil and puts out dread.  It opens heaven, and makes you a contemplative.  It puts all vices and phantoms out from the lover.”

by English Hermit Richard Rolle, The Form of Perfect Living and other Prose Treatises


140104-57615-76128594-m750x740-u2ac9fThank You, Abba Father and Mary, Mother of God

for giving us your only begotten Son Jesus to be our Lord and Savior