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When Jesus commanded that Zacchaeus come down from the sycamore tree, he invited him to come and see.

“Zacchaeus, come down quickly, for today I must stay at your house.”

–Luke 19:1-10

This invitation is ours too.  We can either stay in the viewing gallery or come down in the heart of the playing field where Jesus wants to give us something that will change our life for the good, but will require some sacrifice on our part.

“Only for today, I will adapt to circumstances, without requiring all circumstances to be adapted to my own wishes.”

–The Decalogue, Pope John XXIII

“Mantras are passwords that transform the mundane into the sacred.”

–Deva Premal

Isn’t life a mosaic full of mantras suited to each individual?

Happy Saturday!


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Only 12 days to Thanksgiving Day and I’m getting happier by the minute, are you?  Let me share what popped into my mind as ‘good stuff’ ideas.

  • Create a memory tree to honor ancestors or count blessings.  Cut a tree branch and place it in a sturdy vase or container and dangle  names or blessings on cardboard on the branch, which can nicely decorate any tabletop.
  • Have you ever made a pumpkin, carrot/leek or beet soup?  So easy and delicious to serve with crusty bread on a colder day…there are plenty of recipes to pull up on Google.
  • Time to bring in those plants which loved being outside all summer. This year, I switched furniture around my windows to cluster the plants for maximum sun exposure…and create a tropical corner for winter blues.
  • Homemade cranberry sauce is easy to make.  I add fresh oranges to the berries with brown sugar and boil gently until the fruit becomes a spread, which can be frozen until served.
  • Master the mashed potatoes.  With a newly bought hand mixer, I am creating new forms of mashed potatoes with vegetables, whatever ones you like best, that makes for colorful and tasty dishes.
  • Let’s not forget it’s time to bake pies and cookies…for our sweet tooth and to give away to family and friends.  Twelve days is just about right to put the finishing touches for the holidays!

What ideas do you have to add to the list?


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“God, what do you want me to be?”

–Melannie Svoboda

That’s the million dollar question! How would you fill in the blank with one word?  That word would become extremely important.  It would solidify your identity.

Overtime I have answered this question in varied degrees.

My answer today:  God wants me to be faithful.  I figure, every other adjective would fall under that word.

How would you fill in the blank?

My God wants me to be _____________.

Happy Saturday!


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I thank you gracious God for the journey and what I have learned from the past.

May I not complete the journey aimlessly.  Help me to grow in your likeness through the power of Jesus. 

Dear Heartdwellers, I thank you for your encouraging presence here with me.


A Very Happy Birthday to my dear Kamal at

A RE-BLOG POST Love rests his case

Dear REDRESSED, You make this interesting post my “Saturday’s Mantra.” Perfect!  The images are resounding.


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The gene pool

Became your favourite tool

Monitoring my behaviour

Pretending to be my lord and saviour

I had no defences

When you hijacked my senses

Pulled the universe over my head&

In the land of the sleeping dead

you are always one step ahead

but from my living water forever pool

There will come another tool

Exposing what gave you a kick

that ancient evil magic trick

You will lose your power

Dissolve in cower

For I found refuge in my highest tower

No more messing with my head

No more fight

&no more night

Welcome Christ’s light

Awaken o sleeper arise from the dead

Love rests his case

Photo by maripepa m from FreeImages

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A RE-BLOG POST Voting in the US and The Times We Are Living Through

Dear Anita, I love this post for its concise and courageous approach to where we are in America today. Bravo! So happy to re-blog this here. Merci Beaucoup!

One Light. One Source.

The United States has been through an awakening, of sorts, these past four years. We have had to face some hard questions about ourselves – about our values, about our responsibilities towards others and ourselves, and about who we are willing to allow to speak for us and act on our behalf. In this time, we have lost several hugely consequential leaders (Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Congressman John Lewis, Congressman Elijah Cummings, Justice John Paul Stevens, Literary Writer Toni Morrison, and so many more) who helped shape our democracy and served as change agents for a youthful country trying to mature and find its way. And in the process, we, as a group, came to depend on them to protect us and save us from those trying to create a different reality. But loosing these people we have held so close in our hearts, should be teaching us something very…

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