Image by Henry Milner

“Ignorance makes a slave a slave.”

–Robin Bullock, Prophet

This Fourth of July a new shift in America will break the oppression of evil.  As the Body of Christ presses in, Americans who love this country are boldly forging to protect its Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

Kudos to Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis for leading the way to restore Civic Literacy in our education system.  Love for our country through Civics will re-establish a diversity of thoughts and encourage free debating.  There’s much work to be done in this area, but it will be worthwhile to eradicate communism  and change the world for the better.

“Every Word of God proves true.  He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.”

–Proverbs 30:5

Watch, watch!  People are going to celebrate in the streets.  The American flag is the banner of God’s Glory and nation upon nation will be reset in proper order…Amen!


Wishing You a Blessed 4th of July!


An Untitled Postcard

This postcard refreshes my curiosity.  Why?  Because, sometimes something new may carry an important message and I want to unravel it.

Like angels, the two young girls seem happy to get acquainted and magic unfolds.  Gifts are exchanged forming a loyal bond, maybe even exchanging their unique spirituality.

Sharing self-knowledge with others leads to revealing beauty and truth.  Writing about such things amplifies the heart and helps make sense of life.  Has this happen to you?