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Such is this tale of a black and gold box…

“I have in my hands two boxes, which God gave me to hold.

He said, “Put all your sorrows in the black box, and all your joys in the gold one.”

I heeded His words, and in the two boxes, both my joys and sorrows I stored.  But though the gold box became heavier each day, the black box was as light as before.  With curiosity, I opened the black.  I wanted to find out why.  And I saw at the base of the box a hole, which my sorrows had fallen out.  I showed the hole to God, and mused, “I wonder where my sorrows could be!”

He smiled a gentle smile and said, “My child, they are all here with me.”

I asked God why He gave me the boxes.  Why the gold and the black with the hole?

“My child, the gold is for you to count your blessing.  The black is for you to let go.”

Letting Go and letting God is a comforting mantra.

I hope you enjoy this heartwarming tale by an Author Unknown…it has put a smile on my face, yours too?

A RE-BLOG POST Zen Stories with a lesson: “The sound of the forest” (Let us all learn to listen…)

Dear Amira, I can just imagine “the sound of the forest” when I lived in Germany so many moons ago. Let me share this here so many more folks can enjoy it as well, Merci!


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The Sound of the Forest

Back in the third century A.D., the King Ts’ao sent his son, Prince T’ai, to the temple to study under the great master Pan Ku. Because Prince T’ai was to succeed his father as king, Pan Ku was to teach the boy the basics of being a good ruler. When the prince arrived at the temple, the master sent him alone to the Ming-Li Forest. After one year, the prince was to return to the temple to describe the sound of the forest.

When Prince T’ai returned, Pan Ku asked the boy to describe all that he could hear. “Master,” replied the prince, “I could hear the cuckoos sing, the leaves rustle, the hummingbirds hum, the crickets chirp, the grass blow, the bees buzz, and the wind whisper and holler.” When the prince had finished, the master told him to…

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A RE-BLOG POST My Beautiful Heart…….

Dear Kamal, Such pure loving heartfelt thoughts coming from your expansive and gentle heart. I think, this is your best poem so far! Merci!

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

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My beautiful Heart sit only with those

Who know and understand you?

Sit quietly under a tree

That is full of gorgeous blossoms

Walk in the bazaar of herbs and potions

That smells of delicious hibiscus

Do not wander aimlessly

People will rob you in no time

Do not fill your bowl with food

From every boiling pot you see

Not every joke is humorous

So do not search for meaning

Not every eye can see your beauty

Not every sea is full of pearls

Let go of all unwanted distractions

My beautiful heart, let us sing the song

Of longing like a nightingale

Embrace the light and let it guide you

Beyond the winds of desire

Gently tend to your vital heart

There you will find a spring

And nourished by its sweet waters

Like a tree, you will bear fruit forever

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A RE-BLOG POST Sorrow to Joy………..

I love this post, because Joy is so important to being happy, so worthy of a re-blog here, my dear Kamal, Bravo!

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

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Sorrow always prepares

You for Joy

It violently sweeps

Everything out of your house

So that new joy can find space to enter

It shakes the yellow leaves

From the bough of your heart

So that fresh, green leaves

Can grow beautifully in their place

Bringing abundance and happy smiles

On your radiant face

It pulls up the rotten roots

That were lying wasted and dead

So that new roots hidden beneath

Have fresh room to grow

Melting your lovely heart

To blossoms and fragrances

Not an inch of sorrow seen anywhere

Only laughter and joy abound in our hearts

And makes us happy and gay……………….

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A RE-BLOG POST A Best form of Charity……..

Thank You, Kamal, for giving us this splendid story to imitate just where we are planted–Christ loves this story!

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Charity Quotes - Inspirational Fundraising Quotes To Use

There is a Restaurant in Norway that has come out with a selfless act of charity and kindness for all the needy people of their country:

Do you know what is “Suspended Coffee” or “Suspended Meal”? Let me tell you what this is:

A woman went to this restaurant and when giving money at the counter tells the billing person: “Five coffees, two suspended”. She then gave money for five coffees and carried three cups of coffee with her to the table. Another person came and ordered: “Ten coffees, five suspended.” He too paid for ten and grabbed five coffees.” After that another woman came and ordered: “Five meals, two suspended” She then paid for five meals and took three lunch packets with her.”

An old man with shabby and dirty clothes then entered the restaurant, came to the counter and said in a quiet voice, “Any, suspended coffee?” He…

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A RE-BLOG POST Perfect Love………..

What a glorious topic – Love – as you describe , my favorite subject too, so I happily wish to re-blog your story here, thanks dear Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

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My wonderful friend, Zaza from scribeforlove blog has written enchanting three verses on Perfect Love and I have added few verses into a poem that is penned below:

Perfect Love:

Tears as precious pearls

Ravishes a frightful heart

The soft heart was broken into tiny pieces

Without repair for days together

Then True Love came riding on his bicycle

As swiftly as he could to console his Beloved

With a Bouquet of pink roses

A lovely gift of precious pearls

As white as a milky way

Encased in a lovely necklace

Whispers in loves forlorn ears

Come my darling, my gorgeous love

A gift from the Gods have I brought for you

Awaken with the freshness of a dew drop

Do not despair, do not cry my love

I shall give you all my comfort

Caress you like a gentle flower

Take you in my arms forever

I have…

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