God gives joy, after that, not much else matters.

Under the gift of understanding of the Holy Spirit, there is joy in obedience to God.

We shouldn’t delay God’s wisdom and love to deliver us from harm.

“We have the power to bless what satan is trying to curse” in our life.   Our surrendered hearts are beautiful to Him.”

–Diana Larkin, Prophet

Please join me today in choosing joy.

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“There are many paths to enlightenment.  Be sure to take the one with a heart.”

–Lao Tzu

Cascading HAIKU

It takes sacred time

The heart to see its purpose

Where God and man are one


With a beating heart

Of unconditional love

Hard hearts melt

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“Our wings are small, but the ripples of the hearts are infinite.”

–Amit Ray

Have you ever seen a swan up close?  I have.  It’s such a majestic creation within the family of geese and ducks.

God is absolutely good.  He gives us the grace to choose life, to choose blessings, and to choose to thrive.

I thank you Father God that I, that we, can touch the tassel of Jesus’ garment to heal us and make us whole.

And I dare say, something good is going to happen to you and me today!

So be blessed!

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“The greatest success is creating whatever you want without conditions…Sculpture will last a lot longer than painting.”

–Richard MacDonald

Everyone is born prodigal.  All hearts are tilted to divine Grace. It’s God’s pull that redeems world peace.

Sculpture by Richard MacDonald