Does hell even exist?

So many people today doubt the existence of hell, but it does exist.

I once had a dreadful dream of being shown hell.  It was such a black hole of infinite darkness, of horrible pain, torment and torture.  I saw him sitting on a fiery throne, his long tail switching back and forth.  It seemed that he was wanting to approach me when I screamed, “No! I belong to Jesus!”  I repeated this affirmation until it woke me up–hell is real, no joke.

A Prophet, Glenda Jackson on YouTube recently witnessed to a dream where God took her to hell, saying:

“A volcano’s mouth is the opening to go into hell.  I saw him sitting on a fiery seat.  Do you remember the recent tsunami in Japan and a volcano had erupted shortly after?  God had to make the volcano erupt to house all those who had died in the tsunami.”

Glenda concluded by saying, “The Spirit of Jesus draws all souls to God.  We would do good to worship to turn the tide of darkness.”

Let us pray about everything without anxiety, in thankful supplication, let our requests be made known to God.

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It’s awful losing something that you treasure.

Not long ago as I was decluttering drawers, I discovered my Maman’s rosary was missing from its pouch.  Needless to say, I panicked and began a frantic search from top to bottom to no avail while my Beloved said, “It’s in the house somewhere, you’ll find it eventually,” and he was right.  Weeks went by and still I could not fathom where I had put it.  At night I prayed God would jog my memory to find the rosary which I had found in one of my mother’s handbags shortly after her passing.  This was a treasure of hers I had not seen before, and to think that I had lost those shiny crystal beads broke my spirit.

“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”  Psalm 32:7

One morning I finally remembered where I had placed it, hanging around my mother’s portrait.  She had it, now I vow not to move it from her countenance…thankful she is still teaching me a lesson well learned.

If you have lost something recently, call on God to find His hiding place.

“I always have a hiding place in God.”  —Linda S. Clare

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A short story of a poet, writer and explorer.

What a handsome and prolific young man to have disappeared before his 21st birthday in 1935.

As I meditate on his affectionate smile, I am focused on finding out what made his life so special.  His father, being a Unitarian minister, led him, his mother and younger brother to travel from the East to the West coasts settling in Los Angeles.  Already in his formative years, Everett demonstrated a precocious talent for keeping a diary, writing and songs, and sketching on woodblocks.  I wonder if at this point, he was developing a spiritual hunger for beauty when he said:

“Always I shall be one who loves the wilderness:  Swaggers and softly creeps between the mountain peaks; I shall listen long to the sea’s brave music; I shall sing my song above the shriek of desert winds.”

Rather than exploring his artwork, I found his fascination for beauty and exploration within his 37 quotes.  He called this his dream for distance.  For example, he said:

“When I go, I leave no trace.” Indeed, he vanished into thin air, and this next quote:

“I have always been unsatisfied with life as most people live it.  Always I want to live more intensely and richly.”

Everett started his travels in 1931 for the next 4 years.  He traveled by horse and donkey through the deserts of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.  He searched the cliff dwellings and mingled with the Native American tribes, even learning to speak Navajo.  On November 20, 1934, Everett entered the Utah desert and was never seen again.  Could it be that he had experienced a prior prophetic dream or vision when he spoke these words:

“I shall go on some last wilderness trip, to a place I have known and loved.  I shall not return.”

Even his last letter to his brother Waldo infers a prophecy fulfilled saying:

“As to when I revisit civilization, it will not be soon.  I have not tired of the wilderness.  I prefer the saddle to the streetcar, and the star-sprinkled sky to the roof, the obscure and difficult leading into the unknown…It is enough that I am surrounded with beauty…This had been a full, rich year.  I have left no strange or delightful thing undone I wanted to do.”

Many efforts were made to discover Everett’s remains; even DNA testing was not sufficient to attain any viable results.  Or I could wildly propose that Everett might have been taken up into heaven like Prophet Elijah because of his relentless search for God and the beauty of the wilderness.  Either way, I believe his disappearance will be vindicated in time especially when God has recently prophesied that all unsolved mysteries will be exposed and explained.

The secret to Everett’s mysterious and valuable life is contained in these 2 last quotes:

“I have been thinking more and more that I shall always be a lone wanderer of the wilderness.  God, how the trail lures me.  You cannot comprehend its resistless fascination for me.  After all, the lone trail is best, I’ll never stop wandering.  And when the time comes to die, I’ll find the wildest, loneliest, most desolate spot there is.”

So, it happened.

“Say that I starved; that I was lost and weary; that I was burned and blinded by the desert sun; footsore, thirsty, sick with strange diseases, lonely and wet and cold, but that I kept my dream!”

I will be so happy to meet Everett Ruess in heaven.

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“Choose the fear of the Lord.  God’s Grace is for everyone, but if you fight God, He will fight you.”

–Prophet Timothy Dixon

I wonder, do you have a favorite inspiration corner to engage with God?

My inner landscape is by a large window where the morning sun pours over my writing desk where peace and enlightenment guide my thoughts.  I think:  Quiet the mind on the wings of dawn, receive silence and Grace begins a miracle morning.

In this March of Grace, God touches every person, especially the broken, to raise them for His divine purpose.  To forgive is to be forgiven.  Forgive yourself and others.  Freedom comes when you forgive.

“Let God be responsible for your past and you be responsible for your future.  Your past is no more.  You are free.”

–Prophet Robin Bullock

Consider yourself favored, receive Grace and “be free to freely serve God.  –Prophet Julie Green

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A class exercise was to write something or just words that the music inspired.  Here is my rendition.

What comes from the music

The curtain is drawn open

A bluebird sky appears

No clouds to be seen

Out of the deep ocean

Rises a silhouette

Who can it be?

My eyes well up

The sun strikes my face

Is it You, My Lord?

Who is with you?

It is You!

O, can it be Him, my child, with you?

Out of sorrow to joy

Yes!  you promised

I declare and decree

A miracle, once again

I receive it, it is mine – it is ours

Thank You, my Lord

What an orchestral surprise!

Why don’t you try this exercise; it will envelope you with a newfound mystery.

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To forgive is to be forgiven.

To forgive someone who has caused irreparable harm is very difficult and usually hardens the heart.  With regret, I have lived that, yet God gave me the grace to forgive and make decisions not to retaliate with resentment. My reward is precious in that I am able to forgive and be forgiven and live loving and being at peace.

Saint Paul gives us an excellent example to follow.  Before he fell off his horse on the way to Damascus encountering Jesus who asked him, “Saul, why are you persecuting me?’  he was killing Christians.  Yet by God’s mercy, he was forgiven and became the greatest evangelist.

No matter what we have done, or others have done to us, we can forgive.  Believe this, according to Revelator Kat Kerr, when we ask for forgiveness, God dispenses our sins, never to be remembered, in heaven’s ‘Lake of Forgiveness.’  That should propel us even more to forgive, don’t you agree?

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