Painting by Elizabeth Coats

January 1, 2020!

Everyone turns the page on the worst and the best of last year.  The future stands before our eyes yearning for greater Hope.  Most grateful am I to You who have collaborated with me in blogging from the heart.  Our exchange of thoughts is phenomenal and encourages me to write every day, so I thank You!

“Today is the first blank page of a 365-page book.  Write a good one.”

–Brad Paisley

So, in raising a flute of champagne, I wish You rich blessings and shout out “God Bless You” in this New Year 2020!

Thanks Be to God!






Just a few days ago, this extra-ordinary thing happened to me.  Still without a new dryer to be delivered next week, I drudged myself to the laundromat and lost a new sock, thinking O well, I have two more pairs, threw the single sock in the basket and drove home.

The next time I was drying clothes, I chose another dryer and Lo and behold, the missing sock was inside…I leapt for joy – not so much for regaining the lost one, but for the 2 weeks it stayed in an another dryer until I discovered it again.  It dawned on me that Jesus I heard my prayer about losing the sock in the first place and then letting me recoup it 2 weeks later!

I’m still smiling, that is what I call an extra-ordinary encounter with the Good God.  That green and grey pair of socks is special!



THANK YOU to Kamal at Boundlessblessings.blog for her comments on Love is, which creates this post:

“God is Love

Love without love – there is nothing

and Love must love”


followed by

SEQUEL TO my post ‘What Place do You Own?’ which was asked of me in a writing class. Kamal’s response shouts out succinctly:

“If you ask me, nothing, because it is all Him who owns every little inch of us and everything.” — True that!

Gently touché, your comments are always welcome.  Merci!


New Year’s Eve THANK YOU!

The book of our lives for 2018 has been written off and blown to the wind.

Time to dream bigger for anything is possible with God!

I offer you rich blessings for 2019

and shout out an abiding Thank You!

for your faithful audience


the champagne of new life gushes…

My Friends, God Bless You in this 2019 New Year!

sincerely your scribe for love


Hello, All my Dear Friends!

Like a song says:

“I need the JOY to stay in my heart

down down in my heart to stay!”


I have tucked all your best wishes for a new year in my life into my heart

Sending much Love to – YOU know who you are!

Like my Dear One who said of my ORIGIN post:

…so moving…birth among so much death…the rose blooming…Merci!


We are all One!