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Holy Saturday is a ‘no man’s land between the Death and the Resurrection, but this no man’s land was passed through by the One for man’s sake.”

–Pope Benedict XVI

The tone of this day reveals an emptiness yet it anticipates the Lord filling thirsty souls for springs of eternal life on Easter Sunday.

Let us pray in hope and trust for the coming of Christ’s light.


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Bless You this new year’s eve in the name of the father, of the son and of the holy spirit.

After attending Midnight Mass, I came across a video on YouTube entitled “December 18, 2020, Apparition of Christ.”  It begins with:

As long as humanity rejects the Light, evil will continue to flourish.  Lift your conscience to the source of Light, then you will see why humanity has broken the Law…”

The video, presented by Misericordia Maria TV English, will astound your mind on the brink of a new year, so I hope you will be curious enough to see and hear it, because “This Light will consecrate and protect your life in the stars…”

I wish you a happy new year’s eve, and sincerely thank you for your kind presence here throughout these many years…your scribeforlove


OFF THE CUFF Writing at Lake Eufaula

This little known recreational park is just 200 hundred miles away from Atlanta, Georgia.  A lovely retreat for my family to get away from suburban living.  The first thing I do there is to walk along the shore and greet this little majestic fir tree in the middle of the lake…and I wonder of the glories that October will bring.

There is a pronounced rhythm to autumn especially during this trying year of living around Covid.  What happened to summer vacation?  Nothing much.  Virtual learning is obviously challenging with a sparse re-opening of schools.  And chaos is mounting before our presidential election takes place.  Despite these unusual tribulations, nature continues to offer us many accents of hope.  Babies are born, people are marrying, others overcoming surgeries, birthdays and anniversaries are being feted.  There is still good life to be lived around Covid.

I think of Therese of Lisieux whose great desire was to suffer for the conversion of souls.  She accomplished her work within 9 years before her death at age 24.   She did not travel around the global village of humanity.  Rather she pursued her mission within the confines of the cloister and formed her “little way.”  Therese was special in doing little every day things of life that was hard for her to do.  Her heart of missionary is the way to get to heaven.  She gives everyone pause to ask:  how much is my life a mission to overcome struggles?

May this October accent many streaks of hope as colorful leaves fall to the ground.

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Painting by Graham Gercken


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Celebrating Saints Gabriel, Michael and Raphael

May Gabriel – Strength of God – be with me on Sundays, and the power of the King of Heaven.

Michael – Defender of God’s People – on Monday I speak of, my mind is set on him.

If it be Tuesday, Raphael – Healer for All – I mention, until the end comes, for my help.

“You walk on the wings of the wind, you make the winds your messengers and flashing fire on your servants.”  –Psalm 103