A RE-BLOG POST – “Symbols” by Thomas Merton

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Traditionally, the value of the symbol is precisely in its apparent uselessness

 as a means of simple communication.  It is ordered toward communion,

 not to communication. Because it is not an efficient mode of communicating

 information, the symbol can achieve a higher purpose, beyond 

cause and effect. Instead of establishing a new contact by a meeting of minds

 in the sharing of news, the symbol tells nothing new:

 it revives our awareness of what we already know,

 and deepens our awareness. What is “new” in the symbol is the ever new

 discovery of a new depth and a new actuality in what is and always has been.

The function of the symbol is to manifest a union that already exists

 but is not fully realized.  The symbol awakens awareness or restores it.  

Therefore it does not aim at communication but at communion. 

 Communion is the awareness of participation in…

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Gotta Know When to Hold ‘em

God Thru the Arts

Gotta Know When to Hold ‘em:  A Reflection “The Card Players”

painted by Paul Cezanne’s

by Adam R. Nettesheim

“You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk way, know when to run!” – “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers

1248px-Les_Joueurs_de_cartes,_par_Paul_Cézanne The Card Players (circa 1894/95) Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) oil on canvas, 18.7 x 22.4″, Musee d’ Orsey, Image Source

Plainly said, I see in this painting two gentlemen sitting down for a game of cards.  To my eyes they look pretty focused on the game.  Or maybe they just don’t have much to say to one another?  Then my eyes catch their clothing. One looks a little more well off than the other.  He’s got a tall hat, a pipe, and his posture is straight, whereas the gentlemen in the mustard colored coat is hunched, elbows on the table, and a hat that looks…

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A RE-BLOG POST – In Jesus’ Name: Great High Priest

Welcome to my Monday Re-blog Post by God Thru the Arts blog which excels in fresh ideas as its name suggests.  The piece and painting reverberate the outstanding notion of Jesus as our Great High Priest.  Bravo, Jennifer.

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God Thru the Arts

As it is the eve of Palm Sunday, I had planned to post an image of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding a donkey and consider his name Lord and King. But the spirit decided otherwise and I was drawn into contemplation of this remarkable image by French artist James Tissot (1836-1902) which cast me back into the story of Jesus as he was tempted for 40 days in the desert.

At once the Spirit sent him out into the desert, and he was in the desert for forty days, being tempted by Satan. He was with the wild animals, and angels attended him. ~ Mark 1: 12-13

00.159.54_PS1 Jesus Ministered to by Angels, 1886-94, James Tissot, Opaque watercolor over graphite on gray woven paper, 6 11/16 x 9 3/4 inches, Brooklyn Museum, Image Source

As I viewed and considered the best name of Jesus for this image, I was…

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Welcome to my Monday Re-Blog Post by Bill Bisgood at The Write Idea blog.  Bill’s “Why?” poem is a great example of a succinct Haiku which I definitely share in his “pencil sharp passion” for Haiku!  Do visit him at:


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The Write Idea

Why write poetry?
What is it about haiku?
Pencil sharp passion!

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A RE-BLOG POST BY Boundlessblessings.blog – I AM From………..

Welcome to my Monday Re-Blog Post by our fantastic Boundlessblessings.blog.  Resulting from a fruitful exchange of writing ideas, Kamal took on to writing an “I Am From” poem.  Just marvelous!  Hope you enjoy it!


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Boundless Blessings by Kamal

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The place where there is only Love

There is no place to Hate

Nor Blame anyone or anybody

Cause all is Me

There is no one but Me

I am the Universe

The illusion, the Reality

When my EGOIC small ‘i’

That I am right now living

Where my Soul is stationed in

And my mind keeps on buzzing

Needless thoughts illogically

Will after infinities realize the Real ‘I’

Will I then merge with?

the Real ‘I AM’ from Eternity

Where in Reality, ‘I WAS,


Eternal, Formless, Love and Bliss……………

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A RE-BLOG POST – SPIRITUAL POEMS: “I smile like a flower not only with my lips” by Rumi

Daisy Daze Sunflower Still Life by Nancy Medina

Welcome to my Monday Re-Blog Post coming from our cheerful blogger Amira.  The idea of ‘smiling like a flower” is a wonderful way to step into this fresh new month and celebrate April, so happy reading below.

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via SPIRITUAL POEMS: “I smile like a flower not only with my lips” by Rumi

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