What is wisdom and understanding?

If you follow my previous posts about the spiritual realm, you will be touched by this prophecy given to God’s people through His servant, Diana Larkin at A watchman’s Journal.

“Wisdom and Understanding.  Out of the Chaos of this season will come a priceless Gift.  That is the gift of Wisdom and Understanding that I will give to those with Humble, Teachable Hearts.  As I Bring Down those partnered with Darkness and their Death Schemes, I AM also going to be Removing from My Church the Doctrines of Men and the Doctrines of Demons that have brought Darkness, Stunted Growth, and Powerless Lives to My people.  The Pride of man has allowed the Religious Spirit to Infiltrate much of the Church and Faith has been Reduced to an Intellectual Understanding of My Word.  This produces a Critical Spirit that Demands Conformity to Head Knowledge and Despises the Supernatural Experiences I want My children to Live In.  As I Remove this Defilement from My Church, I will Replace it with Wisdom and Understanding.  The Fullness of the Life My Son died to bring the Church will be Understood, and I will Release Great Wisdom in how to walk in My Freedom and Power.  Many of My Remnant are already walking in a Measure of this release of Wisdom and Understanding because you have Tasted of the Powers of the age to come, and you have Surrendered to Me, and you have asked to Know Me in All My Power and Glory.  As we move beyond the Takedown of darkness (which you helped to bring about), you will be Rewarded with Deeper Experiences in Me and with greater Wisdom and Understanding.  This will cause you to be Leaders in the sphere of influence I have chosen for you.  Receive a greater measure of Wisdom and Understanding.”

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Funny enough, today is World Press Freedom Day…

And God has a prophetic message for us, as recorded by His servant Diana Larkin at A Watchman’s Journal.  Here goes:


“The darkness has been ever so Crafty and Scheming, carrying out their plans slowly, Weaving Their Dark Web patiently over the years.  The Web they wove became Massive and Entangled every area of society, spreading Deception, Delusion, and Destruction.  If My Remnant, My Army of Light, had not Cried out to Me, your way of life would have been Destroyed and years of Darkness would have Descended on your world.  Because your Cries for Deliverance came into My ears, I will Arise and Save you and your lands.  You have borne Scorn and Derision because the Asleep Church and Deluded world could not believe your Warning Calls and your Cries for Prayers to Me for a Great Deliverance.  Hold On, Army of Light, because in the end, you will be recognized as Truth-Tellers and Valiant Warriors who held the line until My Rescue Operation unfolded.  As for the darkness who Wove the Sinister Web of Evil, carefully spinning it so far out that no one would Suspect they were the Source, will be Shocked as I Quickly Unravel the Web, and it leads back Directly to them.  Oh, the Shocked Look on their faces as years of Deception and Cover-Ups are Suddenly brought under the Bright Light of My Judgment and Justice.  As I Unweave This Web, All will be Exposed from Greatest to the Least.  Your day of Triumph and Vindication is coming, Army of Light!  Oh, What A Tangled Web They Did Weave; but, oh what a Powerful hand is come to Destroy it.  Do not be Weary in well-doing, Army, but Press Into My Heart, Believe My Promises, and Delight in My Goodness.”

Just take a look as today’s news media…what is being revealed is God’s spoken Word here, Truth be told, so rejoice, Believers of the Living Church, we are being vindicated and we will be set free.

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“Asleep or awake, writing or reading, whatever you do, you must never be without the remembrance of God.”



What is beautiful

And writing comes easy

Keeps the heart beating

“Somewhere beyond right and wrong, I will meet you there.”


Lord, “I acknowledge your identity, show me the way, I receive my destiny in You.”

May you receive your destiny in God at this very moment.

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It’s not the end of the world!

Let’s celebrate this good news together!

“I have Good News for you!  It’s not the end of the world!  Rather, it’s the end of Dark death agendas, and the rebirth of greater peace, prosperity, and freedom than you’ve ever known.  This is the time for My Church to arise and shine and to fill the earth with My Kingdom Power and Goodness.  You are about to step into a life of Glory and Cleanness.  Because this will be such a Sudden and Enormous change for the world, I have been preparing you, My Remnant, to Steward this coming season of Peace and Plenty.  I have strengthened you in the Inner man, and I’ve Grown your Faith Roots in Me Deep and Strong.  Your hearts are Mine, and you will not be pulled Off Course from seeking Me by Prosperity or Prominence.  Yours will be Open Hands that I can pour Wealth through, and it will Bless You and the World around you.  Favor and Position will not be an Idol because your life is Laid Down in Service to Me.  It has been Crucial to gather Evidence and build Unbreakable cases against the arrogant ones partnered with darkness so that they are given Unshakeable Judgment and Justice.  It has been just as Crucial that your hearts have been Purified and made Ready to Rule and Reign in My name.  Everything is going to Come Together in a Beautiful Resurrection for your Nation, and it will Flow out to all the world.”

May you be encouraged today to tuck these holy Words into your heart from God through His faithful servant, Diana Larkin at A Watchman’s Journal.

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“The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see.”

–Mary Davis

I marvel at seeing a Willow tree but covered with snow makes it magnificent, just like the name of Jesus.  In calling His name takes away sin.  What can be wanting of us when He calls us saying:

Come, see and stay

Those who call out this holy name trust everything to God will eventually see everything resting in God’s hand.

Come, see and stay – Yes, Lord – but to stay with Jesus is our choice.

“So let all men know that the Name of Jesus is healing, fruitful and glorious.  Truly, the righteous seek joy and life and they find it in Jesus, whom they loved.”

–Richard Rolle

May you always be blessed with answering the call of ‘come, see and stay’ with Jesus.

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