Child of God Image Uploaded by LinEllen


Look up my child – I am your Father

This have I written on your soul to unburdened your heart

Just ask for my immeasurable Mercy

And I will move you from misery to freedom

Look Up! my child – I am your Father


…poetic thoughts inspired by Pope Francis’ words on confession…


A Painting at “One World, One Creation: Together We will Flourish”

Exhibition by North Georgia Sky Painters at Tennessee Aquarium’s Imax


To my delight I came across this wonderful art exhibition to share with you.  Perfectly fitting the theme of receptivity to Spring.  How so, you may ask.  Being receptive  means being willing to receive new information or ideas and nature’s Springtime seems to be the best groundbreaker for that regeneration process.  Along with becoming open to new things, the element of attentiveness follows.  The signs of rebirth in nature is expansive.  Just take a short walk in your neighborhood; you will discover newness of life in trees,  shrubs, animals, and find people shopping at Home Depot to spruce up their garden patches or balconies with blooming annuals.

I also believe that receptivity can be raised to a spiritual level.  On Good Friday, Christ poured himself out on the cross so that we  could receive his love in full measure.  Being receptive to his sacrificial mercy invites us to open our innermost being to receiving God’s abundance.  If open to this concept, we can reap perfect peace.


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

…thank you, Ralph Waldo Emerson, for this encouraging quote – a call for receptivity and attentiveness to newness of life…


Monk Sculpture in Venlo, Netherlands


It is often at nighttime that inner freedom wishes to reveal itself to the troubled soul, asking how I have failed today?

A stranger once stopped at a monastery nestled deep in the countryside and was warmly greeted by the porter.  Together they sat on a cold wooden bench overlooking the lake.  The visitor asked:  “What do you monks do all day along?”  The monk gently replied:  “We miss the mark, we fall, get up and fail again and start all over again.”  It seems we cannot know ourselves without first noticing failure.  Then begins the path of self-knowledge and inner freedom….and learning to never despair of the mercy of God.

…may you receive bountifully from the blessings of self knowledge…


“Sacrifice is the salt of the society.”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta