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Like a warm cup of tea to soothe a fretful mind, a sensible dose of spirituality comes handy.  As I continue to declutter my life, I rediscover  wisdom tidbits from the Decalogue of Pope John XXIIII to share with you.

Only for today, I will seek to live the livelong day positively without wishing to solve the problems of my life all at once.”

Isn’t this a hopeful way to continue this week together?

There are 9 more to come…


Therese Doing Dishes

by Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS


In May 1897 Therese of Lisieux wrote her last poem entitled “Why I Love You, O Mary.”  In the 25 verses, she describes Mary’s humbleness, hidden life, union with Jesus and Mary is our mother.

“If you give yourself  completely to Mary, she will give herself completely to you.”  —Saint Louis de Montfort

Therese’s first verse evokes her love for Mary:

“Oh! I would like to sing, Mary, why I love you.  Why your sweet name thrills my heart…If I gazed on you in your sublime glory, I could not believe that I am your child.”

In verse 6 she notes, “You make me feel that it’s not impossible to follow in your footsteps, O Queen of the elect.  Near you, Mary, I like to stay little.  I learn how to practice ardent charity.”

Verse 22 explains, “You love us, Mary as Jesus loves us.  To love is to give everything.  It’s to give oneself.”

“Mary’s maternal love helps us to recognize and accept peacefully our limitations and fragility.”  —Father Jacques Philippe, Community of the Beatitudes

Therese urges us “The more that you love your smallness and your poverty, the more Jesus will give you grace.”

That, is a blessing to behold, don’t you agree?