“Joy does not simply happen to us.  We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.”  –Henri JM Nouwen


“This is a recipe for happiness.  Gift and Memory.

Remember every day – everything is given to us as full gift

To serve even when you feel tired or sick.  Never forget where we came from.

Whatever we receive must be given out freely.

Joy is a free gift from God.  Ask Him for it!”  –Pope Francis


The Bench by Edouard Manet


Join me on the stony path and sit with me in this mystical garden…that I may share a secret with you.

See how my loyal Lema and Coco-Ranger hunt for sweet whiffs of grass.  I gladly share this peace with you.  I am my best present moment in this lush panorama.  Do you see God smiling at us in rich rendezvous.  Grace lives here.  We can be real with  Him.  Tell Him your concerns.  He’ll give us wisdom to live out our lives.  I’m so glad we’re here together.  Hopefully, you will come away refreshed and happy.  Do come back anytime.