Cross by LivsGlad


The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

When Jesus said, “And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself (John 12:32),” he invites us to partake of his mercy, to sanctify our existence, to give us our daily bread, to lighten our burdens and to bless our families so “May your hearts enjoy life forever! –Psalm 22

Let us be exalted by the Holy Cross.


“What you cannot accomplish is not the will of God.”

–Saint Arnold Janssen



Off we went with our doggies to visit Lake Eufaula in Alabama for Labor Day weekend. Our hotel was perched on the river bank and had a convenient trail for us to walk Lema and Coco-Ranger. As dusk approached we discovered a lonely grave marker nearby this unusual cross.  Then a car approached.  The man walked over to the cross embracing it with cries of “my God, my Lord.”  The woman got out of the car and wrapped her arms around him.

We cherished this sacred moment in silence and returned to our room where…only to realize that my tennis bracelet had broken off my wrist laying on the carpet, probably  wrangling the leash with Ranger.  It could have happened on our numerous walks outdoors.  WOW!  Indeed another providential moment.

My afterthoughts of this wonderful getaway – God is always with us wherever we go, ever generous.  His goodness is why I share this heartwarming story of the couple at the cross by the lake.