I understand, many people suffer the Winter blues.

“We don’t have to accept blandness in life.  God, who is the author of creativity, is ready to make a dull life adventuresome the moment we allow his Holy Spirit to go to work inside us.”

–Catherine Marshall

Fortunately, I don’t lean this way.  When I asked the Lord what he wanted me to write about in January, his response was short:  write about everything that is white.  This has been a wonderful surprise because I have found so many amazing images to present here.  Whether in snowy days of January to the end of December, God always meets our needs.  God’s plan is at work in gray or glorious weather.  I hope you are enjoying this white wonderland.

See how intently the white owl is staring at us!

A Bing Image


“If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”


Today I revel in pastels and dream

Letting go of careers and city living

Planning to move into a country farmhouse

Must decide what to keep and give away

Blood, sweat and tears for sure

Yet have no clue for what’s ahead

So here goes the action plan

That will make the dream come true.

A Bing Painting



Pretty white basket

Empty in the stillness of Winter

I am doing a new thing now that it is Spring

Filled with high grass and dainty flowers

Summer flies by and Fall leaves wither

Pretty white basket

Winter wilderness endures in canvas of white.

A Bing Image