Easter Sunday


This Tuscan window pane by Maria Gibbs draws attention to the striking cross in its frame as if Jesus is pushing the window wide open for us to feel his glorious resurrection.  Assuredly, His victory can move us from darkness to light, from sadness to joy and from despair to hope.  The Paschal candle is ever lit.  The path of Truth is before us to embrace new life…

May you be blessed and rejoice during this Alleluia Eastertide.


“My wish for you is that you continue.  Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your kindness.”

Maya Angelou


Holy Saturday

The Loss of Jesus

This Holy Saturday reveals Mary Mother of Jesus, Mary’s sister Mary and Mary of Magdala weeping at Jesus’ tomb.  They remind us that every grave on earth is a place of  expectation for resurrection of the body.  This gift of everlasting life deserves reflection. Another thought, let us pray for those who do not yet know God.  Their gift of everlasting life is waiting for them by our prayers.

…the loss of Jesus is just for today…


The Empty Tomb


From a moment of unbelief to anger tripping myself

hiding my ugliness yet You see it all before it happens

because I still do not fully know Your power to love me.

Okay, Lord, wash my feet and as You do, Your Love changes me.

Okay, Lord, I get it – You never stop loving me.

Thank God – Alleluia!


…be firm in yourself because it is your truth…

…remember…if Jesus could not satisfy everyone…neither can we…


Good Friday


“Gaze on me, O my children, if you will, for I am helpless; gaze on your Maker, whether in contempt or in faith and love.  Here I wait, upon the Cross, the appointed time of grace and mercy; here I wait till the end of the world, silent and motionless, for the conversion of the sinful and consolation of the just; here I remain in weakness and shame, though I am so great in heaven, till the end, patiently expecting My full catalogue of souls, who, when time is at length over, shall be the reward of My passion and the triumph of My grace to all eternity.”

…a meditation from Blessed John Henry Newman – Discourse 15