A RE-BLOG POST – In Jesus’ Name: Truth

White Horse Painting by Paul Gauguin 1898 at Paris’ Musee d’Orsay

Welcome to my Monday Re-Blog Post featuring a post that deserves another glance from one of my favorite blogger companions.  I believe you will be delighted to visit her blog.


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via In Jesus’ Name: Truth

Thank you Jennifer for gratefully piercing my heart with this truth.

“The truth is – sometimes we feel things long before we understand why…”

sincerely, your scribe for love


Undergrowth with Two Figures Painting

by Vincent van Gogh 1890


At times, we may think we are walking through a dense forest filled with rejection.  But, isn’t there always a clearing ahead?  We may have to scream, stumble, even crawl on our knees to reach a light ever so dim, but as we exit the forest, guess what? God’s hands grab us, pull us up…and we fathom we were never alone…

How I love Vincent to always draw some personal reflection to share with you my dear friends.

Happy Monday!



Blessed Heart Image on eBay


The Gift of an “Unhardened” Heart

“…Look at your heart!  It tells the story of why you were made.  It is not perfect in shape and contour, like a Valentine heart.  There seems to be a small piece missing out of the side of every human heart.  That may be to symbolize a piece that was torn out of the Heart of Christ which embraced all humanity on the cross.

“I think the real meaning is that when God made your human heart, he found it so good and so lovable that he kept a small sample of it in heaven.  He sent the rest of it into this world to enjoy his gifts, and to use them as stepping stones back to him.”


This meditation was written by Venerable Fulton J. Sheen famous for his persuasive preaching.

…I find this writing so comforting…I hope you do too…




The Greek coastline at the tip of the Aegean Sea


I love Saturdays!  The day that I peruse the internet for inspiring images and art to inspire writing.  Come see how this pristine staircase leading to the deep blue waters has birthed this…


Down deep

Never mind the blinding hot sun

my barefooted soles burning with curiosity

the crevasses of my heart yearning for light as I approach the sea

Calling on you, Lord – why do I continue in my failings?

At the last white step, dip my toes in the cold blue water

Answering my distress, You burn all my sins through flaming tears

You set me free – again.


“With the Lord on my side, I do not fear.”

Psalm 118:5-6