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Forgive often and always

Living a life of grace requires a constant effort to forgive those who offend us. That does not diminish the wounds afflicted on us, but forgiveness renders freedom from resentment, anger and jealousy. That may take time but the reward is infinite. Forgiveness heals and makes everything new in us and most likely others.


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“Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, I want to see you…”

—-Refrain of a worship song

Whitewashing Winter

Needing a new pair of eyes

Whitewashing defeat at the expense of wickedness

Needing many hearts to change and repent

Soon the old order will be whitewashed

And the new will revive hearts that only God can do

Whitewashing away all the pain and deceit

From the White House to the Lighthouse of America

In the river of God’s Justice and Mercy